Megan Thee Stallion stars as a private investigator in Teyana Taylor’s newly released web series, “Hottieween.” Conceptualized by Megan and directed by Taylor, the series was written and produced by The Aunties in collaboration with YouTube Music. According to the clip’s description, Taylor “took inspiration from Campy Horror classics and Blaxploitation heroines to create this series.”

“Hottieween” marks Megan’s acting debut, as she plays the leading role in the Stallion County-set series. In the first episode, “Love Bites,” which aired on Tuesday (Oct. 29), Hot Girl Meg and her sidekick Janine, played by Jay Cole, begin an investigation of the murderous “Fuccbois.”

The spooky episode opens up on a women walking alone to her car. She’s interrupted by a menacing group of “Fuccbois,” who appear to be vampire-like creatures with the ability to suck blood and hypnotize. The woman is seen lying dead in the parking lot later on, as Janine rushes to the scene.

Megan, who ends up in a Fuccboi situation of her own, is found enjoying shots with her friends at the club, while her Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign-assisted single “Hot Girl Summer” plays in the background.

At the crime scene, Janine FaceTimes Megan to show her the damage the Fuccbois have done. She’s met with a difficult policeman, who doubts the duo’s credentials.

“If this is the work of the Fuccbois then we have every right to be there,” Megan tells the cop over the phone. “If you would’ve had it covered, then the families of the victims wouldn’t have had to call my ass.”

Later on, a police officer interrogates the lone witness, who dodges questions by hypnotizing her, saying, “I think you got everything you need from me.”

Back at the club, Megan meets the mysterious Archimedes, played by Dave East, who tells her he has information regarding the murder. However, at the end of the episode, Archimedes reveals a terrible secret.

In her “24 Hours with Megan Thee Stallion” Vogue video, Stalli expressed her love of horror movies and revealed she’s been working on her own horror film script.

“Everyone knows I f**kin’ love horror movies,” she said.

Most recently, Megan made her Saturday Night Live debut with Chance the Rapper and performed an unreleased song on NPR’s “Tiny Desk.” Hot Girl Meg will also host two Halloween parties with the same name as the web series in Los Angeles and Atlanta on Wednesday (Oct. 30) and Thursday (Oct. 31).

Taylor has worked with The Aunties Productions before in a few of her numerous directorial credits, including the “You (Be There)” short film with T.I.

Watch the inaugural “Hottieween” episode, “Love Bites,” below.