Kanye West’s fans have survived multiple delays on his highly anticipated Jesus Is King album and now he’s asking fans to wait a little longer.

Thursday (Oct. 24), Ye reiterated that his Jesus Is King album would drop that night at midnight.

“‘JESUS IS KING’ Midnight,” he wrote.

The tweet served as a reminder of what die-hard West fans already knew. Kanye has promised Jesus Is King would arrive on Oct. 25 on multiple occasions, after the record was delayed from its September due date. Ye repeated the Friday release date at his Los Angeles premiere event on Wednesday, where he told the crowd, “Two days ​‘til the album drop. It’s coming.”

However, when the album did not drop at midnight on Thursday, Kanye issued a second tweet.

“To my fans,” he wrote, “Thank you for being loyal & patient. We are specifically fixing mixes on ‘Everything We Need’ ‘Follow God’ & ‘Water.’”

“We not going to sleep until this album is out!” he added.

One update from Kanye’s former label mate, Consequence, did offer some hope.

“#JIK was turned in at 4AM. I had [Kanye West] approval to oversee Final mixes and mastering,” he tweeted Friday morning (Oct. 25). “It takes 8 hours for the LP to ingest into the Digital Streaming Platforms. I didn’t eat dinner so you guys could have this by Lunch time 12/1pm EST.”

The delay may not come as a surprise to some. To West’s other fans, the anticipation is becoming too much to bear.

Juicy J asked, “What’s up mane you dropping the album pacific time? Or……”

The Jesus Is King film, however, does appear to be playing in select IMAX theaters today (Oct. 25).

This isn’t the first time the Jesus Is King album release date has been missed. Last month, Kanye claimed the album would drop on Friday (Sept. 27). Kim Kardashian then extended the release date to Sunday (Sept. 29) with an announcement on her Instagram Story, claiming that Kanye was adding “final tweaks to the mixes.”

Although there’s been no further updates from Kanye, according to Consequence, the album’s release has been pushed back to 12 p.m. EST on Friday (Oct. 25).