Cardi B clarified her statements about female rappers, saying she didn’t “pave” the way for new artists, but offered some hope. The “Money” rapper sat down with Tidal’s “Rap Radar” podcast to discuss her career and new Netflix show, “Rhythm + Flow.” During the chat, Cardi said that her fame has led to more female rap acts getting signed and has challenged the notion that only one female rapper can be successful at a time.

“I feel like, after me, I’ll say that it’s kinda easier for a lot of these female artists. Like before me, there was no female rapper that was signed to a label, well, you know the ones that had already been established. Nobody was signing them,” she said. “And now, everybody’s just signing them if you could rap and you got a couple of followers because nobody want to miss the opportunity. Like, a lot of labels missed the opportunity with me because I went to a couple of motherf**kers and they said, ‘No, no, no, no.’”

T.I., who also sat in on the podcast, agreed with her. “I think she kind of kicked the doors down with being personable. Most women when they came out were extremely mysterious, you hardly heard them talk… You heard them in interviews but never really speaking in a discussion. You feel like you get more a sense of [Cardi’s] personality when she presented herself.”

However, several Twitter users—mainly Nicki Minaj fans—called Cardi out, saying she did not open the doors for female rappers, as she had claimed. Cardi defended her statements on Twitter and clarified that she didn’t “pave” the way, but gave unsigned female rappers hope.

“Ya comprehension skills must be on slow cause I never discredit nobody,” she replied to one Twitter user, who since deleted their tweet. “Theres been female rappers b4 I was born it died out due to hope and it got revive back in 08 & the music industry made it a stigma like there could only be 1 & now there’s plenty striving.”

Replying to a tweet that read, “Cardi on here lying again,” the Bronx native made another reference to Nicki Minaj and, seemingly, Iggy Azalea.

“I’m lying? So you tell me what rappers was giving features to female rappers?” she tweeted. “What tv music show was inviting female rappers. Only 2 female rapper for years and one ain’t last to long.”

Cardi has used her platform to advocate for female rap acts in the past. She recently revealed that she’s working to include a Lil Kim-inspired song on her forthcoming album, which she says will feature four female rappers, with one unsigned. Cardi has also promoted a handful of female rappers to her 52 million followers on Instagram.

“I didn’t say I pave the way for female rappers but I deff gave the hood and women hope,” she wrote on Twitter. “Nikkas wasn’t collabing with females rappers.Labels where signing female rappers and putting them in a shelf and not focusing on them.Not giving them proper attention .”