Calling all music fans! Tully has a new collaboration tool and you’re definitely going to want to check it out sooner than later! “ADHD” rapper Joyner Lucas first launched the app in 2015 with manager/ technology entrepreneur Dhruv Joshi as a way to put production, promotion and distribution into the hands of artists.

Speaking more about the new feature, Tully now allows songwriters — who want to flex their skills — to remotely collaborate. Moreover, up to five participants can work together at a time. That’s right! Whether you’re recording a track, producing a beat or spitting a verse; artists can collab while checking out others’ lyric sheets.

“What Tully allows me to do is take my ideas and have them in a single creative space,” Lucas said in a release about the app. “It allows me to have freedom. Tully is something that has been very beneficial for me. I write all my music on there. Everything is consolidated – my lyrics, my beats, certain ideas that I come up with. It’s just an awesome app. We’ve got hundreds of thousands of users on there, using it actively, and it’s growing every single day. I like that we can take a lot of things that weren’t available before and give them to artists as tools for them to use to help improve on their craft.”

As Tully’s leading artist and chief evangelist, Lucas introduced the app’s services to both aspiring and established artists of all genres during his 20-city Songwriter Sessions. To remain exclusive, each session only allowed 25 participants. Though each Songwriter Session was free to attend, fans purchased tickets for meet-and-greets with Lucas, along with additional access to ADHD merchandise. The sessions took place in places such as Washington, Utah, Colorado, Louisiana, Florida, Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Illinois, Missouri, Michigan and California.

This year, Lucas began the rollout on his third studio album, ADHD. So far, he’s dropped off project singles “Devil’s Work,” “Isis” featuring Logic, “Broke and Stupid,” “10 Bands” with Timbaland and the title track, “ADHD.” Lucas’ forthcoming LP will follow-up his sophomore effort, 508-507-2209 and the released songs from his Chris Brown-collaborated mixtape, Angels & Demons.

Download Tully here.