Congratulations are in order… to us! The network is very proud to announce that Women In Cable Telecommunications (WICT) voted REVOLT TV the fifth top programming company for women to work.

This major accolade was decided from “results of the 2019 WICT PAR Employment Survey,” a press release for the announcement reads. It continues: “Leading operators and programmers are recognized for their strong gender diversity and inclusion efforts as tabulated by survey administrators at Mercer – the world’s largest human resources consulting firm.”

REVOLT TV is lucky to have a number of extraordinary women work at the company. It’s because of them that REVOLT TV continues to soar. To say that our CEO, Roma Khanna, is honored by this achievement would be an understatement.

“Starting from the top with Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs’ decision to empower a female CEO and working through every level of the company, REVOLT values female leadership,” she states. “I am immensely proud of this recognition by WICT as it celebrates the very talented group of female leaders and executives building the REVOLT brand across platforms.”

VP of Audience Insight & Strategy Lynzie Riebling says, “Having a female CEO was one of the big selling points of coming to REVOLT for me personally. I’ve been in so many male-led companies that I was eager to be able to soak up some of the leadership style of a woman! Once I joined, I realized it wasn’t a one-off coincidence that our company was led by a woman, but that Mr. Combs actually makes it a point to put women in positions of power within his organization, which made me even more proud to work here.”

She adds: It’s been statistically proven that women-led companies are better at meeting both employee satisfaction and financial goals, and I’m happy that REVOLT is ahead of the curve in leaning into those findings… We need many women to have seats at the table and that’s something REVOLT has embraced since day one.”

Head of Content and Development Robyn Lattaker-Johnson loves that REVOLT proudly welcomes brilliant women, as well. She states: “Working within a company that values an array of diversity both within the senior ranks and also deeply embedded in every department is an honor which brings me joy every day. I’m particularly proud of how the women support and mentor one another.”

WICT’s 2019 top companies for women to work is separated into two categories: operators and programmers. Being that REVOLT TV placed in fifth place as a programmer, the other companies that came in the first through the fourth slots were ESPN, NBCUniversal, CBS, and Discovery, Inc., respectively. Take a look at the 2019 top five operator and programmer companies for women to work below.

The 2019 PAR Top Operators for Women to Work:

First Place: Comcast Corporation

Second Place: Cox Communications

Third Place: Mediacom Communications Corporation

Fourth Place: Midco Communications

Fifth Place: Charter Communications

The 2019 PAR Top Programmers for Women to Work:

First Place: ESPN

Second Place: NBCUniversal

Third Place: CBS

Fourth Place: Discovery, Inc.

Fifth Place: REVOLT TV

“REVOLT TV is the first place that I’ve ever worked at in my entire career where I feel like women are rooting for each other to win. We’re super talented, diligent and have a hustler’s spirit that can’t be quenched — and women here would never allow it to be. We’re leaders in our own right and our company respects, and encourages that,” adds REVOLT TV Managing Editor Isha Thorpe.

Head of Human Resources Pat Cabello continues: “At REVOLT Media & TV, we recognize and appreciate the value that having a diverse and inclusive workforce offers our employees, customers and audience. It is reflected in our ownership, our board of directors, our executive leadership and the staff of professionals who work to create compelling content on our multi-platform networks.”

REVOLT TV is honored to be acknowledged as such a great place for women in the workforce. Hopefully, this accomplishment inspires many more companies to follow suit and hire more phenomenal women. Their businesses will only benefit as a result.

For those who don’t know too much about WICT, the organization was founded in 1979 and its mission is to create women leaders who will one day transform the cable industry. It does this by conducting development programs, commissioning gender-based research and more. WICT is also the oldest and largest professional association that serves women in the cable media industry. Since 2003, the company’s PAR initiative has measured women who are employed in cable by using three criteria. They are advancement opportunities, pay equity, and resources for work/life integration. REVOLT TV is pleased to now be the fifth top notch company in these lanes.

“Stepping into REVOLT TV and seeing women sitting at the head of the table inspires me, as well as creates a positive energy in the women working around me,” closes Manager of Social Media and Digital Marketing Lakesha Walker. “We are encouraged to win by having shining examples of women who carry the torch and are not afraid to share their light.”