According to TMZ, Texas woman Cindy Renae Parker has filed legal documents in Nueces County, TX, claiming that Future is the father of her three-month-old son, Legend Ary Wilburn. Parker allegedly attempted to serve the rapper with paternity papers in Georgia, after getting permission from a Texas judge, but was unable to locate him.

Back in August, Eliza Seraphin filed a paternity lawsuit in Florida against Future, claiming he fathered her six-month-old daughter. Seraphin said that since giving birth on April 19, Future has been unreachable and refuses to accept financial responsibility. In her ongoing paternity case, she is pursuing child support from Future, as well as hospital expenses from her pregnancy, and wants a judge to declare him as her daughter’s father.

Future responded to Seraphin’s allegations on Instagram earlier this month. After Seraphin’s Instagram Live video, where she claimed her daughter deserves the same support as Future’s other children, the rapper posted on his Instagram story, “Start a go fund me Acct and get a lawyer.” Later on, he apologized, writing, “Hardest thing to do is not see evil. My apologies for getting outta character, good energy.”

According to The Blast, Future moved that Seraphin’s paternity case be dismissed on Oct. 15 and accused her of “fraud upon the court.” The case is ongoing.

The “Mask Off” rapper seemingly address his legal situation in a previewed snippet of an upcoming single. Fellow Atlanta rapper, Big Bank DTE, shared a clip of Future in the studio as he croons, “I don’t know her name but she had my child.”

Although being caught up in the current cases, Future gushed about his bond with his sons on Big Boy TV.

”I’m building my legacy,” the 35-year-old rapper said, who has six confirmed children. “I hustle for my last name. You got to understand when you have a girl, they give away your last name. My sons, I’m just thinking about we got all our last names; it’s gonna be huge. When like, 50 years, 60 years from now, you going to speak of me. You going to speak of my legacy. And that’s what you do. This is what I worked for. Why would you work, have all this and just to leave it with one kid. And then something happen and there is no more of y’all.”