During a phone call with The Blast, Suge Knight cleared up some details over the previously reported news of signing over his life rights to Ray J. The former mogul is still looking to create some income while he’s in prison, but Ray J isn’t solely in charge.

In the call, Knight clarified that Ray will be handling the music side of things, including the revival of Death Row Records and a forthcoming album.

“Ray J is not just a friend of mine. He’s a little brother, that’s family,” Knight said.

As for the album, Knight didn’t give too many details except that he’s heard it and “it’s an incredible album.”

For other sources of revenue, Knight’s fiancée, Toi-Lin Kelly, who has power of attorney, will handle television, movies and an upcoming documentary. However, TMZ reports that the contract gives Ray J creative control.

Knight also announced that he’s entrusted Nick Cannon to write a biographical book about his life, calling Cannon “one of the most credible and most realest guys in this business.” Cannon will be responsible for writing and publishing the book.

“I know he has all the potential to be a great writer. He is a great writer,” Knight said.

The Death Row label head also cleared up rumors that he’s serving a life sentence, which he is not. Knight is currently serving out the remainder of a 28-year sentence at the Wasco State Prison in California. In September of 2018, Knight plead no contest to voluntary manslaughter when he struck and killed 55-year-old Terry Carter and injured Cle “Bones” Sloan in a 2015 hit-and-run. However, due to prison overcrowding and credit for time served, he could be released in a little over a decade.

“God always have a plan,” he said.

Closing out the call, Knight assured he wasn’t trying to throw Ray J under the bus, just clearing up some misinformation. Listen to the three-minute call below.