Nicki Minaj shared a sweet Instagram video of some bride and groom swag, along with a caption reading, “Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty 10.21.19.” Minaj and Kenneth Petty were apparently wed Monday (Oct. 21), as indicated by her post. The clip shows matching baseball caps with the words “Bride” and “Groom” written on them, along with “Mr.” and “Mrs.” mugs. Minaj’s caption details her newlywed hyphenated name.

In an interview posted by The Shade Room on Sunday (Oct. 20), Minaj hinted at becoming Petty’s bride soon, but revealed a large wedding was being put on hold.

“We’ll definitely do the paperwork portion of the marriage, but the actual wedding, I don’t know,” she said. “You know when you’re a little girl and you want this big beautiful wedding, and I used to think I was one of those girls, I always wanted the fairytale. But then the things that used to matter to you don’t matter as much because I remember wanting those things with people, where real love wasn’t there. So now I feel like now that everything has finally lined up and matched up being that I’m madly in love with this man, he’s also my best friend, the things that used to matter to me before, don’t matter as much now. So yes, we’re going to have a big wedding eventually.”

Minaj and Petty obtained their marriage license this July and had 90 days to complete their paperwork before the license expired.

The Queen rapper gushed about Petty during the interview, calling him her best friend.

“With him, we’re more best friends, first and foremost. If he asks something of me or vice versa. It’s not like a demand, it’s like I want to do it because I respect and love you so much, and I want to do it because of the way you respect me, that’s kind of how our relationship is,” she said. “It’s like we laugh, joke, talk like friends, we’re around each other non-stop, so we feel very much like family, but it’s just like this respect that I have for him. He does things in such a dope way, that makes me more attracted to him.”