Fetty Wap has been hit with a battery charge. According to TMZ, the charge stems from an altercation the “Trap Queen” rapper had with a security guard at a Las Vegas casino. Video footage released by the outlet shows the rapper landing punches during the fight. Documents obtained by TMZ reveal that Fetty has been charged with one count of misdemeanor battery for striking the security guard in the head.

According to Complex, Fetty was arrested in connection with the scuffle last month. He was booked on three counts of misdemeanor battery. It was reported that the rapper was only charged with one count. It is also unclear why the other two charges were tossed.

Nonetheless, the video footage that has been released shows the fight that took place in the Mirage Hotel parking lot. Fetty and his team are seen exchanging words with hotel staff before the actual physical altercation ensued. It has not been revealed what the actual issue was, but cameras did capture Fetty trying to get past security guards before things got physical. Security is then seen pulling Fetty to the ground, trying to restrain him. The rapper is able to get back on his feet and that is when he struck the guard in the head.

On a much lighter note, congratulations to the New Jersey native, who recently jumped the broom. We previously reported that Fetty and Leandra K. Gonzalez tied the knot back in September. The news began to circulate after the Instagram model uploaded a picture of the couple’s wedding certificate on social media. In fact, the marriage certificate indicated that the couple got married on Aug. 3 in Toronto. Fetty also confirmed the news. “Woke up a married man,” he wrote on Instagram at the time. Photos from the couple’s wedding celebration surfaced the net shortly after.

Check out the video footage from Fetty Wap’s altercation below.