Georgetown University retracted Fabolous’ invitation to perform at the school’s rally because of his abuse allegations. According to XXL, Fab was scheduled to perform at Georgetown’s Hoya Madness event Friday night (Oct. 11), but due to his allegations, he did not grace the stage.

Georgetown officials released a statement on Tuesday (Oct. 8) revealing that the Brooklyn rapper had been disinvited. “After engaging with students, we have cancelled the musical act for 2019 Hoya Madness. We take domestic violence very seriously and were unaware of the charges against the entertainer when he was booked through a third-party entity. We are committed to enhanced vetting of future performers and doing all that we can to support a safe and respectful community,” the statement reads.

According to the student-run newspaper, The Hoya, Fabolous was set to perform alongside media personality Big Tigger, Georgetown’s cheerleaders and a pep band.

As previously reported, Fabolous was indicted on domestic abuse charges last year after being arrested for allegedly attacking girlfriend and the mother of his sons, Emily Bustamente, in March 2018. He struck a plea deal earlier this year that allowed him to avoid serving jail time.

In a blog post on Georgetown’s Hyas For Choice website, a student named Ollie Hanner questioned the school choosing Fabulous to perform considering his allegations. A portion of Hanner’s post reads, “Why did Georgetown hire him? It’s impossible to deny who he is – an abuser. We could assume that the school hired him out of ignorance if we wanted to, but a quick look at his Wikipedia page would let them know how problematic he is.”

Hanner added, “Hoya Madness is supposed to be about celebrating Georgetown’s basketball teams, but students can’t do that when Athletics hires a person of dishonor to be the act of honor. I urge Georgetown Athletics to do something to let us know they care about this, and to take steps to fix their errors – to start, they should disinvite Fabolous from performing at Hoya Madness this Friday.”