For the latest edition of “Carpool Karaoke” with James Corden, Chance The Rapper went along for the ride.

In the 12-minute video, Chance makes a rare comparison between former President Barack Obama and JAY-Z. Chano explains that they are two public figures that are hard to get in contact with. “It’s the same thing with Jay-Z. Jay-Z and Barack Obama are very, very similar,” Chance revealed. “Both of them have an assistant that you have to call and you get a call from a private number and it’s either Jay-Z or Barack Obama on the phone.” He added, “I never know which one is calling when I get that callback.”

Elsewhere during the conversation, Chance explained that his friend, Kanye West, is someone who likes to live in the moment. “Kanye’s definitely the kind of dude that’ll be– like, you’ll meet up with him and do one thing and then he’ll be like, Oh I gotta go to Milan right now, let’s get on this jet,” Chance said while laughing. “And you gotta make a decision right there. Like, am I about to follow Kanye to Milan or am I gonna go on this date that I had planned? And you really have a whole spiritual battle for a second, like what’s more important?”

In other Chance-related news, the Chicago rapper is ready to explore new talents. While making an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last month, Chance revealed his plans to become a comedian. “I believe that one day I will be a world-famous comedian,” Chance said. “So I have jokes in my phone…I’m a comedic guy.”

He further explained, “I used to spend a little time at this little improv spot called Thunderdome in Chicago,” Chance said. “I like the comedy scene, I like to hang out, and so I went to the club, got wasted and I wouldn’t say that my girl encouraged me to go on stage but I would say she let me, she gave up because I was really bent on getting on stage that night and I just felt that it was my time.”