What would the world be like without art? Hopefully, we’ll never find out. Being that REVOLT TV is such a major supporter and fan of the arts, the network is very proud to announce the debut of SODOmotive, a brand new original documentary that’s airing on Monday (Oct. 7) at 10:00 p.m. ET.

If you’re an artist, you’ll definitely enjoy the piece. While exploring the street art scene of Seattle, Washington; the doc will chronicle four dope visual artists who worked on the world’s largest outdoor mural, which is Seattle’s Sodo Track.

Over the last three years, 60 talented artists – who travel from 20 different countries – joined forces to create 51 murals, which would become the aforementioned Sodo Track. The attraction stretches two miles long and is now visited by 50,000 people daily. So, in partnership with Visit Seattle, REVOLT invited back four out of the 60 artists to made a brand new mural that’s inspired by the beautiful, artsy city of Seattle.

The four visionaries are Gabriel Marquez, Sneke, Paola Delfin and Angelina Villalobos. Per Sodo Track’s website, Marquez is “known for his unique approach to drawing that intuitively wraps and layers unseen subjects with string-like textures until they are revealed,” and Sneke has inspired “other young artists like Blaine Fontana to pick up spray cans and paint.”

Moreover, Delfin is “known for paintings of feminine subjects that powerfully capture a balance of strength and vulnerability” and Villalobos is “well known for intricate murals that feature colorful compositions painted organically, in layers of patterns… her work is a modern investigation of culture, religion, and family structure.”

Watch the trailer below to be further introduced to the talented creators below!

Watch the ‘SODOmotive’ trailer here!

Watch SODOmotive tonight at 10:00 p.m. ET only on REVOLT TV – and anytime on VISITSEATTLE.tv.