As 6ix9ine awaits his sentencing, there are several people in Hollywood who want to tell his story. This includes 50 Cent.

On Monday (Oct. 7), TMZ reported that Fif is producing a scripted series that will focus on the rise and fall of the rainbow haired-rapper. The docuseries entitled, “A Moment in Time,” will not only focus on Tekashi but will also highlight Snoop Dogg, Scott Storch and former NBA stud Rafer Alston.

This isn’t the first time that fans have received confirmation regarding the upcoming project. More recently, 50 Cent let the cat out the bag that he was up to something. “You bought the rights to tr3yway 6ix9ine movie I’m hearing? This true,” One fan questioned. As a response, Fif wrote: “I’m working boy.”

After 6ix9ine took the witness stand for three days to testify against his former crew, Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods, many have called him a “snitch.” The Power executive producer shares a similar point of view. “[RICO] laws were designed for you not to escape them. When I saw what I saw in the paper, I feel like he’s gonna tell on everything,” 50 said.

He continued, “That was the part that wasn’t even in the indictment—the stuff that they’re saying that he’s talking about are not in the indictment so he’s offering that along with everything else, and then they added those new people to the indictment. I think [after he comes home from jail that he can make music and people can hear it, but the original core and base that he tapped into won’t rock.”

In addition to 50, Snapchat is set to debut a docuseries centered around the 23-year-old’s trial. During the show’s first season, guest appearances will be made by Ebro Darden, Tory Lanez and more who have come in contact with 6ix9ine.