Future isn’t fond of others speaking ill on his name.

Back in August, TMZ reported that Future allegedly fathered his seventh child with Instagram model, Eliza Seraphin. At the time, Seraphin hit Future with a paternity test for her four-month-old daughter. Seraphin was hopeful that a judge would declare Future as the father so that he could pay for child support and the hospital expenses that resulted from her pregnancy.

During a recent Instagram Live session, Seraphin stated that she has a few things to get off her chest. For her argument, Seraphin said that her child is human and deserves the same support as Future’s other kids. Towards the end of her rant, she throws shade at choreographer Joie Chavis and Future regarding their relationship.

After watching Seraphin’s video, the “Temptation” spitter posted a sub to his Instagram story. “Start a go fund me Acct and get a lawyer,” he wrote. A little while after, Future apologized for feeding into the drama. “Hardest thing to do is not see evil,” Future began. “My apologies for getting outta character, good energy.”

More recently, Future gifted Chavis to a special getaway in Turks & Caicos for her birthday. The celebration included a few of Chavis’ friends, candles, cocktails, a personalized cake and reportedly a diamond-encrusted watch from Future himself.

In the past, Future has been candid about the importance of family and loyalty. During a conversation with Big Boy TV, the 35-year-old stated that he loves the idea of adding on to his legacy.

“I’m building my legacy,” he began. “I hustle for my last name… When like, 50 years, 60 years from now, you going to speak of me. You going to speak of my legacy. And that’s what you do. This is what I worked for.”

Check out Future’s statement below.