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With the REVOLT Summit taking over Atlanta this past September, the Combs Cartel was one panel that audiences looked forward to. Actor and host Terrence J kicked things off on a high note by introducing Motown Records CEO/President and Vice Chairman of REVOLT Media & TV Andre Harrell, music mogul DJ Khaled, the three Combs kids Christian, Quincy Brown, and Justin Combs; and their father, and REVOLT Media & TV Chairman Sean “Diddy” Combs.

The topics covered during the hour-long panel included what it takes to make it, what the Combs kids are doing in their lives, their dad, and most importantly, helping people find purpose in this thing called life — something that they’re passionate about, so they too can be successful.

DJ Khaled began by reminding people that his son, Asahd, at just two and a half years old, already has production credits on two of his star-studded projects — Grateful and Father of Asahd — along with business ventures with Jordan the brand. Asking Diddy of the importance of securing the future for our young kings and queens, the mogul answered, “What I’m instilling in my children is the importance of creating generational wealth. Us as a people, we have less wealth in this country than we had from the first day that we became free slaves. I’m also teaching them about financial literacy, making sure that their business is tight, also just empowering them and supporting them.”

The Bad Boy Records founder added: “At the same time, I’m not giving it to them on a silver spoon. I got to where I’m at through hard work, through grinding, through hustle. Honestly if y’all think cheesecake [from Making da Band] is bad, the things I put my kids through to get them prepared to carry on the legacy is another level.”

As it stands, the Combs Cartel (Justin Combs, Quincy Brown, Christian Combs) stands for something greater. Christian describes it as “family, unity, sticking together to move the culture forward in a positive way.” While Christian — A.K.A. King Combs — may look and sound like his pops, he admitted to feeling pressure from being in the shadow and living up to his name. While he’s been wanting to rap since four years old, it was at age 16 that Diddy told him that he had to get it on his own. In fact, Diddy even gave Christian homework to research Nas’ Ilmatic and Biggie’s Ready To Die, and how they made him feel.

Turning to Justin, who played football the majority of his life, the 25-year-old revealed after he graduated from college, he had to find his own footing in life. For Quincy, the 28-year-old is a jack of all trades — whether it’s acting, music, or modeling. Diddy then chimes in proudly announcing Quincy’s the creative director for the Coach originals campaign.

On the music tip, Quincy and King Combs announced that they have a record on the way called “Option,” which is set to drop at the top of October. Next, Diddy revealed the importance in building a brand. “Your brand represents, it has to speak to everything that you are, everything you’re about, and what your purpose it. Your brand has to speak for why you are here on this earth, why you’re doing what you’re doing.”

Diddy’s brand has evolved from Bad Boy to Sean John to Ciroc, leading to his current-day Combs Cartel, which encompasses not only his sons, but his daughters, as well. The brand he is proudest of is his family, and that’s exactly what he wants audiences to remember him for.

Andre then turns the attention on King Combs and the fact that he A&Red his own project Cyncerly, C3. The young star stated, “It was definitely great — for sure humbling. With my pops, it’s nothing he’s handing to me. He’s making sure I even prove to him I really want it. That’s what I wanted to get across to all my fans, we really out here hustling on our own two feet.” King Combs was proactive in walking into these meetings, slapping hands with the DJs, building relationships with the fans, etc.

Justin then highlights the importance of preparation, something Diddy instilled in them growing up. Andre then asks the Combs Cartel the greatest piece of advice they have for chasing their dreams. Check out what they said below.


“Don’t take no as an answer, my father taught me that. Just keep going because, oftentimes, many people might not agree with your vision. But, you gotta just stick true to what you know, your beliefs. The preparation, stay ready so you don’t have to get ready. Keep family close and faith in God.”

King Combs:

“Just be you. Be unique. Everybody is a king and a queen in their own way, everybody’s unique. Don’t try to be like nobody, don’t listen to nobody. Do what’s right in your heart.”


“You gotta know how to be realistic, whether that’s help from your team, family or friends. Sometimes, we do things and have an idea that’s not 100% realistic. You gotta have those people in your corner keeping you grounded.”

Watch the entire “Combs Cartel” panel below!


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