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DaBaby is having the best year of his career, especially with the phenomenon that “Suge” has become. Serving as the lead single from his debut project, Baby On Baby, the record is bound to get any function immediately turnt. In addition to peaking at No. 7 on the US Billboard Hot 100, the song’s official music video hails over 153 million views and counting.

Now, the North Carolina rapper returns with yet another critically acclaimed project titled KIRK, which boasts 13 tracks laced with DaBaby’s signature spitfire, no-filter flow. At 27 years old, he continues to flex braggadocious bars about why he’s the best rapper alive, letting his lyrics do the talking. In a world where social media numbers and clout-chasing are at its peak, DaBaby reminds you that he comes from the hood and is all about getting to the money.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the rap game has fallen head over heels for DaBaby, who remains animated as ever in all of his visuals. He kills every guest feature he hops on, including “Cash Shit” with Megan Thee Stallion, Chance The Rapper’s “Hot Shower,” the remix to Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts,” and “Enemies” on Post Malone’s new project Hollywood’s Bleeding.

Just one week before he unleashed KIRK, DaBaby unleashed “INTRO,” an introspective record that saw him reminiscing on his struggle, the come up, and reminding folks he has the #1 song in the world (“Suge”). The album title is inspired after his birth name, Jonathon Kirk, which holds big weight. Not only does he stress the love and bond he shares with his mother, KIRK encapsulates confidence, being a leader, and honors his late father.

KIRK arrives on the six-month anniversary of his father’s death, stressing the bond that exists between a father and his son. The album cover art even shows the rapper as an infant, sitting on his dad’s lap. In honor of the project’s release, REVOLT compiled five takeaways from KIRK. Check them out below.

  1. DaBaby lost his father the same day the world lost Nipsey Hussle.

On “Gospel,” he raps on the chorus: “This shit right here sound like some gospel / I lost my daddy the same week that they lost Nipsey / Ain’t got no love left in my heart, my shit be empty.” While fans were briefed about the passing of DaBaby’s father on “INTRO,” “Gospel” gives you the exact time frame of exactly when he lost him. He proceeds to reminisce about the household with him and his mother, the latter of whom worked two jobs to make ends meet.

2. You can’t sell out when your music is this fire.

If Blueface’s “Thotiana” can find crossover success to pop, DaBaby’s “Suge” can, too. In addition to his rapid rise to success in the mainstream realm, the artist reminds you he’s the same rapper who got it out the mud and hustled his way out the streets. He raps on “POP STAR,” “They prolly tell you I went pop huh? Until a nigga play with me and he get popped / I’m on front row at BET without my Glock.”

Enlisting Kevin Gates, another street rapper turned celebrity, yields the perfect example of never allowing fame to deter you from your origins. Many will accuse them of selling out, but the real ones know this is simply out of character.

3. DaBaby is the best rapper alive, whether you like it or not.

On “OFF THE RIP,” he boasts, “I can’t name a rapper that’s out here and breathin’ that’s fuckin’ with me, nigga… I’m just a lil’ nigga from Charlotte, the biggest new artist / They wanna see me up the road, but my lawyer a fool with dismissin’ the charges.” Of course, rappers saying they’re the best ain’t nothing new, but DaBaby’s talent and innate ability to create bangers can hardly be compared to anyone (alive) in the rap game today.

If you disagree, Baby don’t give a fuck (“Cash Shit” voice). He’s selling out shows and getting his money regardless. Plus, he’s somehow beat every case he’s been hit with.

4. DaBaby and Nicki Minaj bond over zero tolerance for bullshit.

This isn’t the first time DaBaby and the Queen Barbie linked — Nicki hopped on the “Suge” remix. The song itself, “iPhone,” is titled after DaBaby attempt to stay off social media and his phone, given the endless headaches, the hassle, and the bullshit that comes along with them. He sings, “I’m tryna stay up off my iPhone / Told my bitch ‘I love you’ / That was just a typo / That bitch drive me crazy (Uh), she gon’ make me psycho.”

Whether the focus is about side pieces or not, DaBaby has more important things to worry about. Plus, he’s been through enough in his life. So, nothing can really phase him.

5. DaBaby is a rare breed out of Charlotte and he’s not switching up for nobody.

When you think of North Carolina, you think of Petey Pablo and J. Cole. However, DaBaby comes straight out of Charlotte. On “PROLLY HEARD,” he reminds you: “I’m the first one to come out of Charlotte / Niggas know I put on for that four / Nigga, prolly heard I was broke from a broke nigga.”

Regardless of what the media or haters have to say, DaBaby stays solid in what he stands for. His area code is 704 and he’ll always rep to his core.