Halloween is upon us, and REVOLT is ready to celebrate! On Friday, Oct. 18, REVOLT is set to premiere “Hip Hop Halloween,” a special episode of its popular series “Short & Fresh.” REVOLT launched “Short & Fresh” earlier this year as a monthly anthology of dope short films made by rising filmmakers.

To curate this special episode, REVOLT teamed up with Audience Awards to launch the inaugural “Hip Hop Halloween” short film contest. From the overwhelming number of submissions, REVOLT chose seven winning short films based on their unique takes on horror, supernatural, suspense, thriller, or sci-fi themes, all told through the lens of Hip Hop culture. The winning films will air in a special two-hour episode of “Short & Fresh” on the REVOLT network and its On Demand platform.

The program will debut on REVOLT on Friday , Oct. 18 at 10:00 p.m. ET, with select re-airs throughout the month.

Here are the winning films:

00:11:45 (dir. Etta East, 2018) (13 mins)

· Months after the zombie apocalypse hits, a father and daughter are forced to use unexpected skills to survive.

Dark Therapy (dir. Chad Eric Smith, 2014) (9 mins)

· A vampire seeks psychiatric treatment for a phobia that impacts his way of life.

A Night at the Table (dir. Tamara S. Hall, 2019) (11 mins)

· A mother prepares food for a seemingly normal family night dinner, but as the conversation between her and her kids grows more peculiar, tension mounts among the three, unveiling a lurking threat at the table.

The Raven (dir. Julian Alexander, 2019) (7 mins)

· Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” reimagined.

Ronald (dir. Britt Banks, 2019) (13 mins)

· A routine ride-share takes a sharp turn for the worse after the driver is reminded of a troubled past.

Runnin’ (dir. Anthony Rashaad, 2017) (11 mins)

· A group of friends set out to explore an abandoned building where they encounter a psychopath plotting their demise.

Wrong House (dir. Alan M. Brooks, 2019) (21 mins)

· Four friends desperate to make it in the Hip Hop industry undergo a fateful night with a mysterious benefactor that will change their lives forever.