CupcakKe is hanging up the gloves on her music career.

During an Instagram Live session on Sunday night (Sept. 22), the 22-year-old musician announced her retirement. Before revealing the big news, the Chicago rapper explained that her fans wouldn’t see her for a while.

“All my career, y’all have known me to be a nice girl, which I am,” she said. “Recently, the past night, and today, I just been sporadic. It’s because I wanted to get as much attention as possible to let y’all know that I will no longer be doing music. And all of my music will be coming off every platform. I decided to give up. I decided to give up. I don’t want to say give up, let go music because I feel as though I’m corrupting the youth.”

Following CupcakKe’s shocking announcement, fans shared their reactions on social media. “You are allowed to take a break. you are allowed to choose your narrative. you are allowed to rebrand. you are loved. you are supported. you are gifted. and you are f—king beautiful. take the time you need. cuz we need you here. I’m here if you need to talk,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

Throughout CupcakKe’s career, she has taken a break when deemed necessary. Back in January, the “Squidward Nose” artist announced that she has been battling with mental health issues. “I’ve been fighting with depression for the longest ..sorry that I did it public last night but I’m ok,” CupcakKe wrote on Twitter. “I went to the hospital & I’m finally getting the help that I need to get through, be happy, & deliver great music. Thanks for all the prayers, but please don’t worry bout me.”

As of recently, CupcakKe wasn’t the only rapper to announce plans of retirement. Nicki Minaj made a similar statement as well.