Photo: @6ix9ine // Instagram
  /  09.19.2019

Following a long day court in which 6ix9ine details his alleged kidnapping, back in July of 2018, the footage leaks online.

In the video, Anthony “Harv” Ellison and “Sha,” are telling 6ix9ine to exit the vehicle after stopping. As the eight-minute clip unfolds, 6ix9ine is pleading with the men as someone demands his valuables.

“I’m pleading with Harv,” 6ix9ine said in the courtroom on Wednesday (Sept. 18). “I’m telling him, ‘Don’t shoot. I gave you everything. I put money in your pocket.’ I told him that I was tired of being extorted.”

Earlier this week, the Dummy Boy rapper took the stand to name the members that are attached to various aliases through the use of text messages, social media posts and other forms of communication. So far, 6ix9ine has admitted that his role was to “make money for the gang and distribute that money among Nine Trey members.” Secondly, 6ix9ine implicated Casanova and Trippie Redd as gang members.

 “The sprinter van gets to the hotel,” the “FEFE” rapper stated in an effort to explain his crew’s attack on Trippie. “We don’t wanna get spotted. Shotti gets out, tells me to stay in the car. Harv parks parallel to the hotel. He’s with like three other guys. Shotti comes back screaming, ‘It’s f—king Trey Way, I love me Ns, we got that N.’ Shotti said Harv punched Trippie Redd in the mouth.”

Back in January, 6ix9ine pleaded guilty to federal charges. Moving forward, 6ix9ine is looking at a minimum of 47 years in prison, however, he could get out sooner if he abides by the plea deal agreement.

Later today (Sept. 19), 6ix9ine is expected to take the witness stand again. In the meantime, watch the video of his alleged kidnapping below.


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