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  /  09.16.2019

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Before she was one of the world’s biggest stars, Cardi B was just a regular, degular, shmegular girl from the Bronx who never gets cold. In fact, before her superstardom, Cardi was already an established fan favorite for her social media antics and unmatched sense of humor. 

Routinely outfitted with intricate cornrows and a reliably distinguishable accent, the rapper first established her fanbase after gaining a reputation for being a go-to source of comedic relief. As a stripper-turned reality star, Cardi never really takes herself or those around her too serious. As a result, the general audience has been given a public figure that is untethered. The Bronx native is sure to say and do a few things that could get a smile out of anyone around her.

Cardi’s rap sheet for hilarity is storied, but we’ve attempted to shrink it down to her most memorable instances anyway. From flustering late-night television hosts to early Love & Hip Hop reads, REVOLT TV gives you a full look into Cardi B’s funniest moments below.

1. Jimmy Fallon

Making an appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight Show” is a recognizable rite of passage for all major superstars at stake in popular culture.  Such was the honor bestowed upon Cardi B when she appeared a guest on the late-night show in December of 2017. What transpired was a few minutes of an awkward Jimmy Fallon who couldn’t seem to keep his composure in regards to Cardi’s nonchalant shenanigans. While hilarious, the interview didn’t bear much, which resulted in a reprise of her guest role in April of 2018. Cardi and Jimmy’s chemistry shined brilliantly with the hip hop star teaching Fallon how to correctly pronounce the catchphrases and sounds that seemed to trip him up. Watch below:

2. The Jet Ski Explanation

Last year, Cardi B announced her split from Offset. It came at a time when the couple’s marriage was the enthralling topic of discussion at all stops. After their breakup, Offset went great lengths to regain the trust of his wife, publicly apologizing to her during her performance. Cardi still seemed pretty adamant about calling it quits. So, it boggled everyone’s mind when she and Offset were photographed jet-skiing together in Puerto Rico. It was the equivalent to running into your friend at the movies with the ex she told you she was done with [awkward]. Cardi’s hilarious explanation? “I just had to get F***ed.

3. Cardi Shows Ellen How She Got Pregnant

When it comes to talk-shows, Cardi is virtually undefeated. Just days after her Coachella performance where pregnant Cardi twerked and navigated the stage without any issues, Cardi appeared on “The Ellen Show” to reveal just how she got pregnant. The rapper used a shot of her Coachella performance as reference. Check it out below:

4. “Momma Said You Have To Play With Me”

While it wasn’t necessarily her own doing, the childhood photo of Cardi B that transformed into a viral symbol for bad a** kids worldwide was certainly a highlight of the internet last year. In a matter of days, the “Momma said you have to play with me” tag line would be stretched to pesky Walmart employees requesting to see your receipt before allowing you to exit, and even served as inspiration for full-blown Halloween costumes.

5. You Not Paying Their Rent

When she first began to carve her lane via “Love & Hip Hop,” Cardi B proved to be the show’s instant favorite. Her charisma was on full display in the Season 6 reunion episode in which Cardi went tete-a-tete with Peter Gunz after critiquing the rapper for the treatment of his children’s mothers. At one point in time, she questioned whether Gunz’s actions had any silver lining, asking if he even paid his babies mothers’ rent. When he applied in the affirmative, Cardi would utter her now-iconic phrase “You not paying their rent,” with a GIF-worthy facial expression to match.

6. Etiquette training

“Love & Hip Hop” proved to be an ideal source of comedy for the budding rapper at the time. In one episode, Cardi decided to get a crash course on etiquette courtesy of Tara Wallace. The whole scene is Cardi B in her purest form as she vacillates from justifying her dramatic neckline to drive away attention from her crooked teeth at the time. “I ain’t get these kitties done for no one to be looking at them,” she declared.

7. Carpool Karaoke

“Carpool Karaoke” is never a dull moment, and when Cardi B paid James Corden a visit to run through her hits, we expected nothing less from the duo. At one point, the car stops in front of children at the park who are naturally excited see Cardi yelling proverbial warnings out of the passenger window: “Listen to your mom or you want be getting no Christmas gift. Get my single! Go tell your mom to get my new single ‘Money.’

8. American Music Awards

While walking the red carpet at the American Music Awards last year, Cardi made a pit stop with collaborators J Balvin and Bad Bunny. During her stop, she took it upon herself to express how nervous she was before the awards show, saying, “My stomach been hurting. I been farting all day.” The Bronx always knows how to say things without hesitation and true to form.

9. Those Butterflies

Elsewhere on Cardi B’s red carpet remarks ranks the infamous “butterflies” comment that she made while gracing the red carpet ahead of the Grammy’s. “I feel it all. Butterflies,” she said. “In my stomach and vagina.” Host Guiliana Rancic would appropriately follow up with a remark on why she and everyone else seems to love Cardi so much. “You do not hold back,” Rancic declared. To that Cardi responded, “Sometimes it gets me in trouble. Whoever’s in there.


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