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EarthGang has been compared to this generation’s Outkast, but they scream individuality. Hailing from Atlanta and reppin’ the A down to their bone, the hip hop duo comprised of Olu (aka Johnny Venus) and WowGr8 (aka Doctur Dot) just unleashed their highly anticipated third studio album titled Mirrorland.

The 14-track project has been two years in the making and has also served as their debut full-length released project through Dreamville/Interscope Records. In addition to their standout features in Young Thug’s “Proud of U” and Kehlani’s “Trippin,” it’s the pair’s synergy with one another that works perfectly. Olu’s standout vocals that reel you in on the hook of “Top Down” intertwined with Wowgr8’s insane wordplay and witty punchlines is just one example of their brilliance.

Still, the topic of the project is fame. The duo continues to toil between wanting privacy and wanting attention, while balancing out the pros and cons that come with being famous. The realness in their lyrics are what keep audiences coming back; and their bubbly, outlandish personalities certainly don’t hurt.

Both creatives have had a standout year with many highs and lows. They have gone from losing their good friend Mac Miller to going gold for their song “Sacrifice” on Dreamville’s Revenge of the Dreamers III. To celebrate Mirrorland, REVOLT TV compiled five of the hardest lines from the project. See them below:

1. “Mama had to work, papa had three jobs / No we not Jamaican my sir, but we all was robbed, ha / Should’ve kept my head on a weave and bob , I’d rather be dead than to weep and sob.”

Johnny Venus in “Swivel”

This record ended up on both projects Mirrorland and Revenge of the Dreamers III — which means it’s fire. Besides, it’s one of the first songs EarthGang ever played for Cole. Johnny paints the picture of his upbringing and his parents having to make ends meet before diving deep. The weave and bob — a boxing technique — reference addresses the fact they should have had their guard up when they got robbed.

2. “Said I’ve been drinkin’ and I’ve been smokin’/ And shawty, I’m flying’ down 285, but I’m so focused.”

Johnny Venus and Doctur Dot in “Top Down”

This is a turn-up record for when you’re driving in beautiful Los Angeles weather. But actually, their vibe comes directly from the A. The line about “‘flyin’ down 285” is a nod to Atlanta legend T.I.’s “24’s.” Anybody who is familiar with the rap scene in Atlanta knows T.I. is a pioneer of trap music.

Aside from the shout out, you can feel the energy in the song. This stems from the ROTD3 session and everyone’s willingness to collaborate.

3. “ They took Nip , took X, just a hatin’ ass nigga, hope that I ain’t next / But if it pleases God, I hope the shooter aim best / Then I fly to better lands and Neverland like Sandra Bland.”

Johnny Venus in “This Side”

This year, hip hop took major L’s, including the deaths of Nipsey Hussle and XXXTentacion. In this track, Johnny reflects on the man above taking their lives before worrying about his own life. He quickly concludes if it’s God’s will, then so be it.

The clever punchline with Sandra Bland is both impressive and real. To give you a reminder, she was the black woman who mysteriously passed away while in police custody in Texas in 2015.

4. “I got the sauce like Italians / Digital love don’t mean shit to me, bitch, I can tell you a catfish / Came from the bottom, trained how to spot ‘em.”

Doctur Dot in “LaLa Challenge”

Being the opening track on a project holds a lot of weight, and the “LaLa Challenge” delivers. With the production and vibe alone, it feels like you’re in another universe. Both artists are heard talking their shit and reminding fans of the reality of getting it out the mud, and achieving their wildest dreams through hard work and dedication.

Dot reflects on this new age of digital media by telling audiences that nothing compares to real, authentic love. As someone who came from the bottom, he knows the feeling.

5. “ Coast to coast , All I know, ain’t no SpottieOttie, sorry bro (My bad) / Gettin’ skull, ain’t no scoliosis, straight up with you.”

Doctur Dot in “Bank”

This track is a trap banger and we’re here for it! EarthGang showcases versatility in their sound, while staying true to the fundamentals of hip hop. As much as it is a compliment to be compared to Outkast, Dot reminds you that they are a rare breed. “Ain’t no SpottieOttie” is a reference to one of Outkast’s biggest hits “Spottieottiedopaliscious.”

The bar that mentions “gettin’ skull” is a deeper notion than getting head. Then, Dot brings in the condition called Scoliosis (where one has a curved spine), comparing it to a penis that’s not always up, yet, never limp. This metaphor arrives as a reminder that Dot always keeps it 100 with his fans.

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