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Travis Scott’s ascension into the phenom that he has become is a well-documented story that sits in a unique sweet spot, barely predating the era of overnight sensations that we witness today. In his ascension, onlookers have the privilege of observing a patient road that ultimately poised Scott for longevity. The Houston native has come a long way from obscure beatmaker to household name and has more than enough moments that can be clearly attributed to his success.

From album delays to strategic placements, Scott can easily be categorized as an artist who has had gradual growth. His career has been so full and satisfying that you can’t help but appreciate the current position he is in as a power player. In appreciation of his success, we take a look at the key moments and circumstances that contributed significantly to Scott’s stardom.

In the past, the Houston native has been notably less vocal outside of music in comparison to his counterparts. In effect, the untrained eye can view the “Sicko Mode” rapper as an undefined figure unworthy of his high status. But, if one would take a brief look at critical moments of his growth, his journey points to a much more distinguished life.

1. Days Before Rodeo

The year that preceded was spent enjoying the spoils of the Rich Gang-assisted “Mamacita.” As the Houston upstart began to gain considerable traction in mainstream music, convenient headlines such as Scott being linked to Rihanna romantically just days before Rodeo arrived didn’t hurt his campaign either. It all played a role at the beginning of a fruitful journey for La Flame, making way for a much larger audience to consume Rodeo than he otherwise would not have exposure to if the project arrived any earlier.

2. “Antidote”

A month before Rodeo touched down, Scott’s definite “Antidote” track arrived. The full drop of the album only further boosted the platform for what would prove to be one of the year’s most definitive tracks.

It’s safe to say that mosh pits and festivals haven’t been the same since. The track is especially momentous as it was the centerpiece of the exhilarating performances that Scott began to put on at the time. This moment played its part in crafting the entertainer that we see before us today.

3. Improved Fan Engagement

Scott’s relationship with his fans has been a particularly interesting journey. His shows began to grow in number. At one point, Scott started to get into a few fights with people in the crowd and even kicked a cameraman off of his stage for being too “nerdy.”

The Houston rapper has been known to take umbrage with security guards who are too harsh with fans. He also routinely plucks attendees at shows to join him onstage and has been seen giving them his jewelry when they recite a verse error-free. Such etiquette improvement has since heightened the experience of his energy-filled shows and has served as a difference-maker when speaking on the legacy that Scott has created for himself. The rapper continues to build relationships that make his fans among the most loyal and obsessive in the game.


While the impact of the ASTROWORLD album on Scott’s career isn’t up for debate, this is to particularly highlight the effect of the project’s rollout and its role in attaching a unique identifier where one previously did not exist in Scott’s case.

Decades have passed since Houston’s most prominent stars were at the top of the music game. So, Scott’s ode to his pop-up ASTROWORLD at Six Flags amusement park in his hometown did something to attach his as a torchbearer for his ends. To effectively revive the energy surrounding Houston, the rapper has began to become synonymous with his city. In retrospect, despite his success, this was not the case. ASTROWORLD laid the foundation that has allowed Scott to put the city on his back, paying his respect and homage to those who came before him.

5. Super Bowl

The resounding sentiment around Scott’s Super Bowl performance this year was that it was pretty lackluster. Pair that with a frigid climate surrounding the NFL, race relations, and a fumbled SpongeBob tribute, it ultimately made for a performance that underwhelmed those who are acquainted with his usual routine.

Nevertheless, the Super Bowl stage cannot be underestimated and assuredly cemented Scott has a mainstream icon if there was any question. Similar to the ASTROWORLD effect, Scott’s halftime performance also quietly added color to an image that was ironically tainted by a lack thereof. To the naked eye, it seems that Scott was blatantly going against his peers’ calls to boycott the NFL at the time. But, all the while he reportedly only agreed to perform if the league agreed to donate to a cause for social change of his choosing, adding yet another layer to his celebrity.

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