While posting to Instagram yesterday (Sept. 2), The Game took a moment to reflect on one of his last encounters with Nipsey Hussle, prior to his death. In a very detailed caption, Game explains that Hussle reminded him to read a book that he recommended.

“My last few times spent in his presence, it was all smiles, laughs and jokes,” Game recalls. “He stayed trying to get me to read books and strengthen my knowledge in all areas of life. A specific time was earlier this year in the studio parking lot. I was coming and he was going. We stopped, dapped, hugged each other and proceeded to walk off and when I got to the studio door he said ‘Chuck, you read that book I told you to get?’”

Further into the post, Game reveals that the book is entitled Slave Narratives. For his response, Game stated that he was having a difficult time getting through the book. The Los Angeles native joked that he needed pictures to be entertained. “Aye, I tried.. but next time gimme the one wit pictures in it. He said, ‘Aite Big blood’.. I shouted, ‘Aite Loc,’” he wrote.

Following Neighborhood Nip’s untimely death back in March, Game has done his best to keep the late rapper’s memory alive. Although he initially stated that he would do a daily post dedicated to Hussle, Game backpedaled on the decision.

“I think the best option for me at this point will be to maybe do [tributes] once a week & call it #MarathonMondays,” he wrote. “I will use the other 6 days of the week to continue giving you daily motivation and hope that it will give you the same fuel the previous posts have.”

Check out The Game’s post regarding Nipsey Hussle below.

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