Rick Ross has spoken candidly on how his drug use has had adverse effects on his health.

The MMG CEO recently spoke with People magazine and revealed that the seizures he suffered in the past were partly a result of him consuming large amounts of codeine. Ross admitted that he looked to the drug to help him cope with stress.

“When I woke up in the hospital and I had so many people around me, so many homies, it felt like I was in V.I.P. or some sh-t,” he said. “But it was more like, ‘Damn, we gotta do some special things.’”

Rozay also revealed that he would combine codeine with other substances and unnamed drugs. “That mixed with the things I was drinking, the other drugs I was doing, and on top of not resting. [I don’t think] one particular thing would have killed me,” he said. “But everything combined?”

Ross went on to blame his last hospitalization on refusing to follow the orders given by his doctor. The rapper, who suffered several seizures in the past, had been prescribed medication, but he said, “I went I don’t know how long without taking the medication to prove to myself ‘I’m stronger than these other people this sh-t was diagnosed for.” He added, “I ended up back in the hospital in a worse condition.”

Fast-forward a year later, the “Money In The Grave” rapper said that he is no longer using codeine, he takes his medication and has made major adjustments to his diet. “I cut the sodas out and I drink a lot more water,” he said. “That, adding in some vegetables and I get a lot more rest.”

Ross’ most recent hospitalization was in March 2018. TMZ reported at the time that he was transported to the hospital after being “found unresponsive” in his Florida home. It was said that Ross was in distress and breathing heavy. He was taken to the hospital by ambulance and received respiratory treatment. TMZ said that his illness could have been pneumonia, but a source close to Ross said that his medical issue was heart-related.

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