Earlier today (Aug. 22), Kodak Black pleaded guilty to federal weapons charges in Miami.

According to AP News, Kodak has changed his plea after stating that he wasn’t guilty a couple of months prior. Back in May, prosecutors charged the 22-year-old for crimes including falsifying information on federal forms to purchase three firearms. One of the firearms purchased by Kodak was found at the scene of a South Florida shooting.

Ultimately, the federal judge denied Kodak’s request for bond and stated that the rapper is a danger to the community based on his criminal record. Since April, Kodak has remained in a federal detention center in Miami. Authorities say that the “ZEZE” spitter could face up to eight years in prison.

Last week, Kodak was hit with more legal trouble. While in jail, Black was served with legal papers relating to a $500,000 lawsuit. A concert promoter, Nicholas Fitts, is accusing the rapper of not showing up to multiple shows. The Florida spitter was contractually bound to perform back in March of 2017. In addition to that, Kodak never showed up for his rescheduled concert the following month.

It’s safe to say that it’s a trying time for Kodak. The musician’s attorney, Bradford Cohen, says that Kodak may have been confused over the legal terminology used throughout his case.

“When you throw around legal terms like indictment, information, or anything like that where someone’s not an attorney, [the federal government is] making the assumption that you know what that means,” Cohen said to XXL,back in May. “Down here, they file in information. Like in state court, they file information. Generally, they don’t indict unless it’s a capital crime. So every state has different terminology.”

Kodak’s sentencing is set for Nov. 13.