5 times Tyler, The Creator made us think about love

  /  08.16.2019

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— By Malikka McDuffie

Throughout his career; Tyler, The Creator has displayed his feelings and different personas like a true poet. His vivid lyrical paintings have told stories that have resonated with audiences worldwide. With the recent release of his new album IGOR, Tyler has again set out to do what he does best. Scoring his very first number one spot, the emcee continues to succeed in his musical journey.

As frontman of the eclectic group Odd Future, Tyler has broken barriers outside of music too. Starring in his own television shows including the animated series “The Jellies,” he’s continuously showing us just how multifaceted he truly is. Gearing up for the “IGOR Tour”, REVOLT TV wants to highlight the odes of love that has plagued Tyler’s evolving catalog.

1. “EARFQUAKE” featuring Playboi Carti, Charlie Wilson and Jessy Wilson

Hailing from his 2019 studio album release, IGOR, Tyler confesses his infatuation for his admired love interest in the single “EARFQUAKE.” The rapper took it upon himself to direct the music video. The visual features the illustrious Tracee Ellis Ross and finds Tyler in a blonde mushroom-shaped wig. He originally wrote the song for Justin Beiber who ended up turning it down, allowing for placement on his fifth own studio album. “EARFQUAKE” features rising star Playboi Carti, and vocals by Charlie Wilson and Jessy Wilson.

2. “She” featuring Frank Ocean

The single featuring crooner Frank Ocean was the fourth single released from Tyler’s third studio album, Goblin. The song finds Tyler embodying the persona of an obsessive lover. Fawning over his love interest, the rapper paints a very dark picture for listeners. Frank’s soft lyrics, mixed with Tyler’s aggressive delivery, makes for a chaotic love song. He sings, “We can chill and I can act like I don’t wanna fuck / You can tell me all your problems like I really give one / But I give two for us cause you’re the one I want.”

3. “Answer”

He raps, “Hey dad, it’s me, um / Oh, I’m Tyler. I think I be your son.” Lifted from his 2013 album, Wolf, “Answer” was the love letter none of us expected. The track is filled with disappointment, anger, and neglect from a child of an absentee father. Around the single’s release, the rapper announced that he planned on changing his last name from Okonma to Haley to match the surname of his Wolf alias.

4. “See You Again” featuring Kali Uchis

Said to be Tyler’s favorite song from his 2017 [project],(https://revolt.tv/stories/2018/05/23/roundup-tyler-creators-ironically-good-throwaway-tracks-07003c9f71) Flower Boy, “See You Again” depicts the perfect love story with help from songstress Kali Uchis. The single was originally written with ZAYN in mind to sing the chorus; but according to Tyler, ZAYN flaked on him twice

5. “I Don’t Love You Anymore”

The single appears on the IGOR tracklist. Although this song doesn’t paint the happiest picture, the love is still hidden in there. Fooling himself into thinking things are going to end, Tyler confesses that he truly doesn’t want it to. “But now, movin’ on, but how? / Uh, somethin’ put my feelings in the lost and found / Now I’m stuck forever, and ever, and ever,” he raps. Tyler, The Creator knows how to find the beauty in moving on.

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