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If you’re a hip hop fan, you’ve most definitely heard of Quality Control Music. Also known as Quality Control, QC the Label or simply QC; the label houses some of rap’s biggest stars such as Migos, Lil Baby, City Girls, Lil Yachty and so much more. It even has Cardi B signed to a management deal.

Without a doubt, their music is taking over one superstar at a time, and it’s impressive to see every step of the way. Founded by Kevin “Coach K” Lee and Pierre “Pee” Thomas in 2013, the sky is the limit for the company. These two have dreams of taking QC to the top, and they’re already at one hell of a start, as the acts they’ve signed have already broken records and topped charts.

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Though many fans know about the label, not a lot know about Pee and Coach K as individuals. So, in honor of their appearance at the forthcoming Summit, let’s look at seven facts about the two of them.

1) Pee looks up to Master P as a mogul

One person who Pee idolizes because of their hustle and success is Master P. Inspired by the groundbreaking things that Percy Miller did with No Limit Records, Pee was motivated to one day do the same with a label of his own.

2) Pee launched a label called Dirty Dolla before Quality Control

Before Quality Control Music was formed, Pee tried his hand at launching another independent label that was called Dirty Dolla. However, it wasn’t successful because it never took off.

3) Coach K admits to being very picky with artists they sign

“We’re real particular in what we sign,” he once said. “They have to be authentic… As a label, we don’t want to be pigeonholed to any one sound, but we are into building brands, so they have to have a story where we only need to take their very authenticity, wrap it up and sell it.”

4) Coach K had plans to form another label prior to Quality Control, too

In 1996, Coach was in the process of starting a record label with Alan Henderson of the Atlanta Hawks, who was a forward on the team. However, Coach soon found himself in the manager seat, working with the likes of Gucci Mane, Pastor Troy, Young Jeezy (now known as Jeezy), and more.

5) Pee was tired of music before forming the Quality Control

“I was fed up with music, but I had this studio, so I was going to just rent that out and make my money back that way,” said Pee. “Coach saw it and said, ‘This is amazing, are you interested in starting your label thing back up?’

6) Coach K isn’t from Atlanta

Though Pee is a born and bred Atlanta native, Coach K actually grew up in Indianapolis. He then moved to Atlanta later on in life. Coach K was motivated to move to the city when he saw how the hip hop music scene was booming — and he wanted in.

7) Coach K has big dreams for the label

The bossman wants the label to be known worldwide.”I don’t want just to be known as ‘the trap label,’” said Coach. “I want to be a world label.”

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