Photo: Artist // Instagram
  /  08.12.2019

As Janet Jackson wraps up her Las Vegas residency, the songstress is ensuring that it is an unforgettable experience for fans.

Over the weekend, Jackson performed at the Park MGM hotel and casino in Las Vegas where she surprised one superfan dad. Entrepreneur KB Strawder Jr. documented the experience of his father meeting the singer backstage. In the viral video, KB’s dad is seen talking to the media about the highlights from Jackson’s show. Jackson, who is hiding behind KB’s dad, wraps her arms around him and simply says: “That’s really sweet, I’m glad you enjoyed it.” Needless to say, KB’s dad had a priceless reaction. The superfan dad was at a loss for words with his excitement.

The meet and greet comes shortly after KB shared a video of his dad receiving the tickets as a Father’s Day gift. In the video, KB’s dad was ecstatic to learn that he would have the opportunity to see Jackson perform.

“Thank you all so much for the love. My dad is excited that you all are excited for him. Follow me on Instagram @Real_KB and I’ll make sure to post the entire trip on my IGTV Hopefully @JanetJackson will see this!” the tweet reads.

For Jackson’s residency, it takes some serious cardio. Earlier this month, Jackson’s trainer, Paulette Sybliss, revealed how hard the singer works to put on a memorable show.

“I am from a sprinter’s background, so I train her at that level, and it’s intense,” Sybliss began. “It is 45 minutes of intensity, doing some drills that I know from my athletics background. She — as a 53-year-old woman — will take on many who are half her age, and put them to shame, to be quite honest with you. She does that a lot of the times in sessions with the dancers. I look at them, and they look at me, and I am like, ‘Yeah …’ “

Watch the heartwarming video below.


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