Asian Da Brat opens up about 'Unfuccwitable' mixtape, her love for Nicki Minaj, Dallas, and more

  /  08.12.2019

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It’s not every day that Dallas, Texas is included in the hip hop conversation. Although the city boasts an impressive number of pop, country, and R&B megastars from Demi Lovato to Jessica Simpson, Jamie Foxx, South Dallas native Erykah Badu, and countless acclaimed Hollywood actors and musicians; it has yet to nationally recognized for its contributions to the culture, especially when it comes to female emcees.

And while there have been male hip hop artists like legendary hip hop pioneer D.O.C., Dorrough, Lil Twist of Young Money, and emerging hip hop superstar Yella Beezy; it has been relatively quiet when it comes to women who spit — that is, until now. Formerly known as Asian Doll, Dallas’ hip hop queen Asian Da Brat is raising the bar by creating a legacy that will be nothing short of unfuccwitable. We caught up with the very first female signed to Gucci Mane’s 1017 Eskimo Records to talk her most recent mixtape, Nicki Minaj, her hometown and more.

What’s up, how are you feeling these days? Or should I say, ‘What it do?’

What up? I’m coolin’… Turning up the heat for the summer! What’s up with you?

I’m from South Dallas, Oak Cliff, and Pleasant Grove. What part of Dallas are you from?

I’m from South Dallas!

I definitely want to see you become one of the biggest women in hip hop and rep for the city. Let them know how we do in the DFW.

I appreciate that! That’s the goal. I’m trying to put on for the city!

When did you discover your love for hip hop?

At a very young age. I just always loved music.

Because you’re from Dallas, I’ve gotta ask if you grew up on Big Tuck, Big Chief, and Dorrough?

Yesss! I’m a huge fan of Dorrough! When I first started, he actually reached out. He let me know he was digging my music.

It’s no secret that you love Niki Minaj. Would you say that she’s been your greatest female hip hop inspiration?

I love Nicki! So yes, She’s definitely one of my type inspirations. I also love Foxy and Missy Elliott. They’re inspiring, too.

What it is about Nicki that you love the most?

She’s [a] Sag(ittarius)! So, I understand her. We’re just alike in many ways. Not to mention her skills. She goes hard.

Do you have any plans to collab with her in the future?

Hell yes! You how hard that track would be? BIG sis, let’s go!

How did you originally connect with Gucci Mane?

Social Media! Social media is more powerful than man.

What was his initial response when he heard your music?

He liked it a lot!

You’ve released a number of successful projects. What was the concept behind creating the unfuccwitable mixtape?

I just wanted to make a tape where I was talking shit for everyone! It’s one of my favorite projects to date.

The mixtape was really, really dope and you had features with everyone from Lil Durk to Smokepurp. Have the hip hop kings been very supportive of this hip hop queen?

Yes and no. Of course, my boys know who they are and support me. But, I believe men are still threatened because the women are taken over. We in this bitch strong right now!

What makes you so unfuccwitable?

I record my songs, mind my business and stay out the way.

You were headed out on tour with Blueface, Sada Baby, NLE Choppa, and a few others. That’s got to be super exciting.

I was excited! I started rehearsing and everything. But, the tour got canceled for reasons beyond my control. I’m working another tour now though.

How have your fans responded to the name change?

My fans rock with me regardless. I’m always going to be Asian Doll to them.

Can you speak on what caused the fallout between yourself and A$AP Ferg?

It wasn’t really a fallout. I just called out the label for removing my verse from that ‘Wigs’! He fixed it though. We performed it on ‘TRL’ and recently shot the video. Ferg is my boy. Industry shit just tried to get in the way. I held that shit down though.

Your fans were noticeably upset about the faux pas. Do you feel like the idea for the song switch was intentional?

Naw, I don’t think Ferg purposely did that. My fans were on they ass though. I love them.

You’re rapidly becoming one of the most sought-after writers in music. What is it about your style that’s catching so much attention?

I think it’s because I’m real and relatable. I make music for the girls and boys in the hood! The ones that use music as therapy and a way of expression.

What’s the legacy that you’d like to be remembered for?

I want my legacy to stand for perseverance. I want people to remember me because I didn’t give up, and because I stood 10 toes down on my beliefs and won.

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