Photo: @theestallion // Instagram
  /  07.29.2019

On Saturday night (July 27), Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj hopped on Instagram Live together. During their conversation, both emcees shared their admiration for each other.

“Stop playing with Nicki Minaj like she ain’t the motherf–king GOAT,” Megan stated. “Stop f–king playing with us, in the name of Jesus!”

The “Megatron” rapper thanked Megan for her continuous support. “I really appreciate you, and even though we’ve been joking a lot, I wanted to tell you that it means a lot to me all of the nice and all of the sweet things that you ever said,” she said. “Like, it means the world to me.”

Elsewhere during the conversation, Megan revealed that she’s working on a “Hot Girl Summer” track with Ty Dolla $ign and suggested that her upcoming project needs a track from Minaj. “I’m finally gonna start working on my album, and we need the Queen… We don’t have a date,” she revealed. “We just started recording.”

In an effort to offer support, Minaj explained the importance of remaining cool, calm and collective. She praised the Houston rapper for her ability to interact with her fans in an authentic way.

“Don’t overthink it and don’t beat yourself up. Because let me tell you something, all the times when I be working on albums, I be stressing myself the f–k out,” she said. “And then when I don’t, when I just kinda let my hair down, so to speak, with freestyles and stuff, that’s what they love.”

Despite fans insinuating that the two rappers had beef, it’s clear that they don’t. Fans got this vibe when Megan was asked to list her top five female rappers. “Okay, so, we got Lil’ Kim, we got Missy, we got Eve, we got Foxy, and we got Megan Thee Stallion,” she said in an interview with The Cruz Show in Los Angeles.

Check out a snippet of Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj on Instagram Live below.


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