Young Dolph and Key Glock are officially Dum & Dummer. Both artists hail from Memphis, Tennessee and embody the definition of a street rapper turning their hustle into major success in the music industry. The two artists’ knack for bars and punchlines about getting money is not only motivating, but inspirational for all aspiring independent artists in the game.

Dolph’s life anthem is all about getting his money, as evidenced in his 2016 hit single “Get Paid” off King of Memphis. Real name Adolph Thornton, Jr. is known for turning down major label deals, signing with independent label EMPIRE and pushing his own Paper Route Empire (PRE) imprint. While Glock is signed to Dolph’s PRE, the two share a dynamic friendship which makes their collaboration on this mixtape the perfect project.

Earlier this month, Key Glock was seen smashing the doors to Dolph’s camouflage cars, leaving fans baffled and confused on what was happening. Dolph followed it up with a selfie in the mirror with the caption: “fuk you,” tagging @keyglock.

In reality, the two emcee’s seemed to be engaging in a playful rivalry. This past weekend in Los Angeles, the “Get Paid” rapper held an exclusive dinner and listening session at a mansion in the hills, inviting only select friends and family to hear the project before it was released to streaming platforms. The evening consisted of a cocktail hour followed by a three-course meal from a private well-known chef.

Now, their highly-anticipated tape Dum & Dummer arrives 22-tracks deep, with lead singles “Baby Joker” and Dolph’s solo “Crashin’ Out.” The official music videos clock in at over 5.6 million views and 13 million views respectively.

On the project’s opening track, “Ill,” Dolph spits on the chorus:

“We on some UGK shit right now, boy, ain’t nobody triller / Put your faith in the preacher, I put my faith in my vacuum sealer / Crack the seal on the new pint, mix it up like a bartender / God made me a street nigga, in the trap, I’m the bishop.”

Stream Dum & Dummer below.