Photo: Yazid Britt // REVOLT
  /  07.26.2019

Jermaine Durpi has a proposition. The 46-year-old rapper believes that there should be a genre of music called “stripper rap.”

While speaking with Atlanta Black Star on Wednesday (July 24), Dupri spoke on his controversial “strippers rapping” comment. Dupri explained that women who rap about stripping and things of that sort should have a genre of their own.

“What people don’t understand is I actually believe that these women that do this type of music should start calling it strap,” Dupri said while suggesting a new genre of music. “I think just like we have trap [music], they should call it strap. It’s the stories of their life.”

Despite the backlash that he’s received, the So So Def CEO doesn’t regret his comments. Dupri explained that the conversation continues to grow because of his shared opinion.

“So, people ask me, ‘Do I regret what I said?’ No,” he stated. “When stuff like that’s happening and people in the streets are saying something like, ‘JD, I’m glad you stood up and said it,’ I feel like I did something…I’m getting press for talking about music. I would never change that for nothing in the world — I’m talking about music…To be a number one trending topic on Twitter [talking] about music, I didn’t plan it, but I’ll take it.”

More recently, Da Brat stated that she supports Dupri comments. While speaking with TMZ, she agreed that Dupri is smart and knows exactly what he’s doing.

“Everything Jermaine Dupri does, he does strategically,” she said. “You should be thankful that the conversation is even started now because now the focus in on us [female rappers]. New [rappers], seasoned [rappers], legends…everybody’s commenting.”

Da Brat wasn’t the only one to chime in on the conversation. Cardi B and Meek Mill have shared their opinions as well.


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