7 Queen Naija songs that are testaments to her artistry

  /  07.24.2019

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The past few years have laid a solid foundation for Internet stars to leverage their popularity into full-on fame, one of the more memorable transitions has been that of Queen Naija’s. It was within a matter of months that the 23-year-old went from a vlogging mother to an R&B sensation, presenting the genre with a promising entry of talent. Since her emergence, Queen has gone on to ink a deal with Capitol Records, locked down two platinum singles, and graced her fair share of Billboard charts, including the coveted Hot 100 and all-genre 200.

With such success, it’s safe to assume that Queen Naija already has a formidable catalog under her belt. But, for those just getting acquainted with the young songstress, we’ve handpicked the essential list of her tracks. From her mega hits to her deep cuts, you’ll find a consistent effort at transparency weaved throughout her relatively short career, all delivered in a package that holds true to the traditional hallmarks of R&B — a refreshing element in an increasingly post-genre industry. Despite only sharing a handful of tracks, with her self-titled debut project claiming five total tracks in her catalog of seven, Queen has displayed a propensity toward longevity and shows her skill in crafting a repertoire of various R&B classics.

That’s why REVOLT is so excited that the talented star will be performing at the REVOLT Summit kickoff event at Brooklyn, New York’s Kings Theatre on Wednesday, July 24. In honor of the momentous occasion, we’ve taken Queen’s impressive catalog and ranked her titles, accounting for their impact and testament to her artistry. Check them out below.

1. “Medicine”

“Medicine” arrived at a time in which Queen Naija’s marriage to her former partner Christopher Sails went through a very public rough patch. The track was spawned from Sails’ alleged infidelity and ultimately became a bittersweet moment for Queen, catapulting her into stardom. The song went on to peak at No. 45 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and garnered the Youtube star her first platinum plaque. “It pretty much explains everything I felt and the reason why I actually did leave,” she previously explained of the track on her YouTube vlog. “When everything is so public and you don’t have no privacy and people are throwing themselves at you, sometimes stuff just happens.”

2. “Karma”

“Karma” is the follow-up that cemented Queen as more than a one-hit wonder, coming fairly close to matching the success of her debut song, “Medicine.” This time around, the track would have the support of a fresh label deal, as Queen leveraged her breakout into a contract with Capitol Records. The cut also went on to earn a platinum certification in the United States, peaking at No. 63 on the Billboard Hot 100. Similar to “Medicine,” the track found its success in its vulnerable dissection of heartbreak and betrayal as Queen sings out, “Feels just like yesterday when we were homeless/Got you some bread, and started treating me bogus.”

3. “Butterflies”

The guitar-laden “Butterflies” serves as an essential break in Queen’s catalog, as the emotive track veers from the discussion of heartbreak, while still maintaining her constant element of vulnerability. On it, Queen touches on her inhibitions in embarking on a relationship, while waxing poetic of the joys of a new love. The track is one of the star’s most technically layered with a noticeable display of vocal skill in comparison to the early hits of “Karma” and “Medicine.”

4. “War Cry”

Throughout her career, Queen has been particularly vocal about her Christian faith, and as is her modus operandi. Her “War Cry” track is an extensive and candid look into her personal battles and beliefs, leaning into the church upbringing that colors her introduction to music in the first place. Interestingly enough, the track arrived at a time in which she was facing a potential legal battle with gospel singer and pastor John P. Kee, who accused the young singer of ripping off the melody of his “Life & Favor (You Don’t Know My Story)” for the hook on her “Karma” single. Queen would engage in a little Internet back-and-forth before closing the chapter with this powerful outing.

5. “Mama’s Hand”

Queen’s “Mama’s Hand” is an ode to her firstborn son, who’s shared with ex-husband Sails. The heartwarming track is paired with a music video that first arrived around the Mother’s Day holiday when Queen artfully declares her dedication to her child in a stirring clip. “When I first laid eyes on you/When I heard your heartbeat too,” she sings. “Oh I never knew, I could witness an angel so beautiful.”

6. “Away From You”

“Away From You” is Queen’s most recent track, arriving as her first arrival of 2019 with months separating it from December 2018’s “War Cry” track. It’s a full circle moment in Queen’s catalog, as it arrives nearly a year after the heartbreak anthem of “Medicine.” This time round, the singer commands an upbeat and soulful creation as she explores the highs and lows of a solid relationship: “I’m so mad that I can’t stay mad at you/Despite all of the back and forth we do.” It’s a display of a certain level of growth, as Queen moves on from heartbreak and enjoys the comfort of relationship that bounces back no matter how strained.

7. “Bad Boy”

“Bad Boy” is easily one of the more whimsical tracks among her records. While still very much down-to-earth, the song more accurately depicts a fantasy for listeners in relation to the more relatable content peppered throughout Queen’s cuts. The selection is admittedly more fun-loving than the remainder of her tracks, countering her routine of heartache. What it effectively does in the respect, however, is leave listeners with a craving for more tracks like it.

Be sure to catch Queen Naija perform at REVOLT Summit’s kickoff event at Brooklyn, New York’s Kings Theatre on July 24. Click here for more info.

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