10 Odd Future music videos that changed the game

  /  07.19.2019

Throughout the years, hip hop listeners have witnessed the creation of some of the greatest collectives. TDE, A$AP Mob, and YBN are simply a few. When speaking on collectives, however, it’s impossible not to mention Odd Future.

Created back in 2007, Odd Future consisted of a variety of artists including Tyler, the Creator; Frank Ocean, Earl Sweatshirt, Syd, Mike G, Left Brain, Dark Shark, Sagan Lockhart and more. The collective, also known as Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All or OFWGKTA, changed the way that hip hop groups were viewed. During their run, the group touched on sexuality, anxiety, depression, goals and finances; while most artists were hesitant to touch on such controversial topics. However, Tyler so cleverly points out that the group was able to gain recognition from trusting their ideas.

“People don’t realize we got famous off our first ideas, our rough drafts,” Tyler says, while speaking with Zane Lowe in a recent interview.

Elsewhere during the conversation, Tyler explained not being aware of the collective’s impact on the culture. “I don’t know how important Odd Future was and that’s because I just lived in it,” he said. “We were just doing our thing. We were just being us. I’m aware of the influence we’ve had on certain s–t, but I’ll never know how much deeper it goes other than some people starting to wear a certain shirt or people’s album artwork.”

Although Tyler may have been unaware of the group’s cultural impact, we here at REVOLT TV had the chance to walk down memory lane. We rounded up some of Odd Future’s game-changing visuals throughout the years. Check them out below.

1) Tyler, The Creator: “Yonkers”

Back in 2011, Tyler released this simplistic black and white visual. Throughout the three-minute-clip, he has a cockroach crawl on his hand before he proceeds to eat it. Although the video gets creepier by the minute, the artist finds a way to keep the audience engaged.

2) Earl Sweatshirt: “Hive”

Back in 2013, Sweatshirt released his Hiro Murai-directed visual, which features slowly-panned cameras in dark rooms. In the visual, he rides around town with a mask covering his face.

3) The Internet: “Roll! (Burbank Funk)”

In the Joe Weill-directed film, the collective shows off their killer dance moves. The song serves as a perfect party anthem.

4) Syd: “All About Me”

Viewers get a glimpse of Syd coming into her own. As the video unfolds, Syd is joined by friends, as she takes a trip down a dark alley.

5) Odd Future: “Oldie”

OFWGKTA is seen doing what they do best: living life without permission. While at a photoshoot, everyone takes time spitting their verses into the camera.

6) Tyler, the Creator: “Who Dat Boy”

The Wolf Haley-directed video takes viewers on a journey of Tyler cruising through the city. After an experiment goes terribly wrong in the beginning, the star searches for help from his friends. Soon afterward, A$AP Rocky turns into a surgeon and things take a turn for the worst.

7) Tyler, The Creator: “IFHY”

The video begins almost immediately with Tyler appearing very puppet-like. He sits on a couch as he unveils his innermost thoughts. Deeper into the visual, he plays on the doll-like theme, as it appears that someone is controlling his life.

8) Domo Genesis featuring Anderson Paak: “Dapper”

The video gives off the ultimate ’90s movie vibes. “Dapper” takes place in a rollerskating rink, which shows the gang having the time of their lives.

9) Frank Ocean: “Swim Good”

It’s safe to say that the video was fitting for the song. The anime-inspired clip captures Frank Ocean driving down multiple roads before ultimately setting his car on fire.

10) Tyler, The Creator: “Earfquake”

In this video, Tyler comes up with another creative concept. While sporting a blonde wig and a light blue-colored suit, he puts on a memorable performance. He shows off his carefree dance moves, while his hair blows in the wind. To put the icing on the came, actress Tracee Ellis Ross serves as the perfect comic relief.

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