Photo: Cardi B // Artist Instagram
  /  07.19.2019

Cardi B is clarifying rumors that have been brewing for quite some time now.

Earlier this year, an old video surfaced of Cardi B where she seemingly admits to drugging and robbing men during her days as a stripper. The video caught a lot of backlash and resulted in fans calling the New York rapper a rapist.

In a series of tweets that have been deleted, Cardi explains that she has let the narrative go on for too long. She clarifies that she never tampered with anyone’s drink.

“I let people go with this narrative of me for a long time,” she wrote. “Not once did I say I put shit inside n***as drinks. I NEVER did that. These n***as use to get drunk, smoke maa weed party an hard and passed out. Never did I force n*as to come with me nowhere. Never did I f–k nobody. These Meb [sic] used to disgust me sooo for the fact people keep calling me a rapist when I didn’t even kiss these men it’s so crazy to me.”

Elsewhere during her explanation, Cardi explains being in situations where she was mistreated.

“But I’m not going to allow ya calling me thst shif specially when I have been in situations where I have to literally run and scream cause when these Nikkas saw it wasn’t trying to give them no ass they start getting aggressive on me,” she wrote.

On a more positive note, Cardi and Offset recently celebrated their daughter Kulture’s first birthday. The couple ensured that the party was memorable.

“Omg, I had soooooo much f–kin fun and my daughter as well,” she wrote on Instagram. Thank ya sooo much everybody that came , I know my daughter won’t remember this day but when she older and have her kids this will be a good story to tell lols. I will be daydreaming this day for ma long.”


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