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  /  07.16.2019

REVOLT has officially announced REVOLT Summit, a remix to its legendary REVOLT Music Conference. The New York kickoff event on July 24, reimagined with AT&T as presenting sponsor, will serve as a taste of the conversation that will take over Atlanta and Los Angeles later this year. As the first of three movements, there is no better place than Brooklyn’s legendary Kings Theatre for this monumental event to take place.

At the event, there will be a live presentation of “State of the Culture” with host Joe Budden, co-hosts Remy Ma and Jinx, and special guest A$AP Ferg. The day will also include a moderated panel designed to share inside industry knowledge on the business of hip hop. In addition, a stage will be set for a performance by singer Queen Naija. The New York kickoff event for REVOLT Summit will even be hosted by the one and only DC Young Fly. Bonus? He’ll be performing, too!

“The REVOLT Summit brings artists, creators and executives together to celebrate the culture and empower the community,” says REVOLT Chairman Sean Combs. Cohesively bringing in talent that mirror his vision, one of the internet’s brightest stars, DC Young Fly is a prime example of someone who is using the power of new media to connect the world to his comedy, acting and music. Besides his musical success, the young comedian/singer/actor has made appearances on television, as well as on the silver screen. We touched base with DC to chop it up about him hosting and performing at the New York kickoff event for REVOLT Summit. Check out the conversation below!

What makes you most excited about working with the REVOLT Summit?

I’m very excited because, first of all, it’s a music-based platform, and the world gets to see me as a comedian and actor a lot, and they don’t get to see me being a recording artist. So, me being able to perform and host on the REVOLT platform is an honor and blessing. I been working for a long time and I want to make it my duty to show that there is a different DC Young Fly as an artist vs. the comedian and actor everyone always sees.

What can fans expect to see from you at the event?

Just live entertainment. To be rambunctious. You know what I am saying? And go out there and give these folks a show. Be one with the crowd, to show them that I am here. I am an artist and I am not playing, and I am not telling y’all I do music no more. I’m showing you all I do music. I’m nine to 10 albums in. It’s time to show people I been doing this.

What does hip hop culture mean to you?

Hip hop culture means everything. The OGs paved the way for us. Now, we are paving the way for those coming behind us. It’s a stepping stone that means something to me, as it was educational to a lot of us. It shows the world what is going on in our neighborhoods when they were not around to see what was really happening. The hip hop culture has influenced a lot of music and artistic flavor that is out today.

Why does hip hop need the REVOLT Summit?

If a platform can showcase people’s talent and showcase any type of hip hop, this is what hip hop needs. When it goes from the biggest mainstream stars down to the DJs, even to the people behind the scenes and radio, everyone that is involved in hip hop need[s] a platform like this to encourage those to have the bravery to showcase their own talents.


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