A$AP Ferg breaks silence about A$AP Rocky in Swedish prison and new album

  /  07.15.2019

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A$AP Ferg’s head is one place, while part of his heart is locked down. This past Friday (July 12) marked nearly a week and a half since A$AP Rocky was arrested in Stockholm, Sweden. The “Plain Jane” rapper; who was decked in jewels, a crisp outfit, and sporting his signature boisterous energy; spoke to REVOLT TV with positive vibes about his friend, as well as updates about his upcoming album.

“He’s [Rocky] been writing letters and receiving letters. We’re just working to get him out. We’re trying everything in our power. We have a few things in the works. So, my hopes are up,” Ferg told us.

Before performing in a swanky penthouse overlooking the Hudson River in New York City for members only community and experiential incubator SocietyX, Ferg told REVOLT about epic stories he’s heard from Dapper Dan, where A$AP Mob’s movement ranks with the other rap crews of this decade like Kendrick Lamar’s Top Dawg Entertainment and J. Cole’s Dreamville, and much more. He even spoke about his upcoming appearance at the New York kickoff event on July 24 for the REVOLT Summit! Peep the full conversation below.

How deep into your new album are you?

I’m dropping a project soon. This year for sure. [In a] a couple of weeks actually. I don’t want to start putting out any dates because us, artists, set ourselves up for failure when we start putting out dates and we don’t have the visuals correct. I’ve already started putting out singles from the project. ‘Pups’ is going to be one of the joints. ‘Wigs’ with City Girls and ANTHA. I also got one with Asian Doll that’s going to be on the project. It’s probably going to be another week or two before I drop the project.

So, what’s on the project that we haven’t heard?

I got a song with Rico Nasty called ‘Butt Naked’ that’s crazy. I got another song with Brent Faiyaz that’s crazy, Salaam Remi did the beat. I got another song with Ty Dolla $ign that’s crazy. It’s a really dope project. The songs I did alone are fire. ‘Floor Seats’ is crazy. I got another song called ‘Wham’ with Madeintyo on the hook.

The decade is almost over and we’ve seen a few movements start. There’s been Odd Future, TDE, Dreamville and also A$AP Mob. Where do you rank A$AP’s movement among the others?

We’re the best movement. I love everybody else. But, we’re the best movement because we’ve shown the world something different. I can’t argue that any other teams did that. The level that we did it on; as far as fashion, art, [and] musicality is different. Our sonics are different. Our clothing is different. Our deals are different. I have a deal with Revlon. I have a deal with Tiffany’s. I’ve done stuff with [clothing brand] Valentino. We did things rappers were not doing before we came in. We showed the world a different way to do it and we showed them a different rap style of how to make music, as well.

We’ve given a different lifestyle. So, whenever I look at an artist, I look at the lifestyle. What are you adding to make this life more interesting? You’re a true star when you can be the medicine for people and bring something exciting to the table. That’s why I say A$AP’s been the best.

What was the moment when you knew this movement was taking place?

A prominent time is when I went to Japan and that language barrier was broken. They didn’t know any English, but they sang all of my songs. They must’ve sounded out the vowels and figured out how to pronounce words that were English. That’s like me listening to a Spanish song over and over, knowing the words, but not knowing a lick of Spanish. That was about eight or nine years ago.

Y’all have always got love internationally but, currently, there’s a controversial international issue with A$AP Rocky and his detainment in a Swedish prison. Have you spoken to him recently?

This is my first day hearing back from him because he wasn’t able to talk to people. He spoke to my boy A$AP Lou, and Lou said he’s doing alright and he’s in good spirits. He’s been writing letters and receiving letters. We’re just working to get him out. We’re trying everything in our power. We have a few things in the works. So, my hopes are up.

You’re also going to be at the New York kickoff event on July 24 for the REVOLT Summit. What should people expect?

Whenever Ferg comes into town, just expect a lot of energy. Expect some jiggy shit. I’m always going to have some jiggy shit on. I’m going to be fly. It’s going to be a lot of fun and a lot of good energy.

Dapper Dan’s memoir recently came out. What are some memories you have with him?

I see Dapper Dan often, so my memories are pretty new. We always have good talks. We always talk about fashion. But, most of all, we talk about how to elevate our community, how to keep Harlem lit and I’ve done heard every story there is to know about Dap.

What’s your favorite Dapper Dan story?

I didn’t read the book yet, but, Dap used to be a Black Panther. Dap used to be with the Nation of Islam. Dap used to be with damn near every kind of group that was out there trying to push the neighborhood forward. That’s his background. Dap went out to Africa, lived out there for a while and wrote for a newspaper. He came back, was underground and did a bunch of stuff. I got both of my brothers’ prom outfits made from Dap in 2016 before he was even talking to Gucci. That was me back then trying to make Dap a part of the conversation of the culture. I would have him come on press runs with me just so the world can know who Dapper Dan is. It’s so dope to see that people are taking heed to who he is and what he does as a legend.

Catch a live presentation of “State of the Culture” with special guest A$AP Ferg at REVOLT Summit’s kickoff event at Brooklyn, New York’s Kings Theatre on July 24. Click here for more info.

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