Jaden Smith’s philanthropic efforts do not stop.

While speaking with Teen Vogue, the 21-year-old musician shared that he will be filtering water for Flint natives, which will help clean up at least 10 gallons of water. To put the icing on the cake, it’s completely free to the public.

“We have designs on a number of crisis areas around the country to deploy additional solutions, but naturally, Flint was a choice for a variety of reasons,” Smith said. “First, because the crisis persists. Second, the conversation about Flint had faded from the public consciousness, and that is a problem.”

Smith explained that after years of research, time and effort, he’s happy with what his team was able to accomplish. “We engineered a solution from both a hardware standpoint and a social standpoint, to have the best path to success for the community and the churches immediate needs — purity, efficiency, transparency, and trust,” he said.

From an early age, the Icon rapper realized the importance of philanthropy. He started JUST Water to help those around him get the best of the very best.

“Yes, very early on I realized I wanted philanthropy to play a central role in my life. Starting JUST was almost entirely about an altruistic endeavor, the altruism around reducing greenhouse gas emissions from everyday things,” he explained. “The goal was to create a way where consumers could have an alternative way to vote with their dollar.”

More recently, Smith launched a vegan pop-up food truck called “I Love You Restaurant.” The pop-up truck serves free vegan food to people on Skid Row. Smith assured his fans that this is only the beginning.

“The @ILoveYouRestaurant Is A Movement That Is All About Giving People What They Deserve, Healthy, Vegan Food For Free,” he wrote as his caption. “Today We Launched Our First One Day Food Truck Pop-Up in Downtown LA. Keep A Look Out Because This Is The First Of Many #JADENinc”

Keep up the great work, Jaden Smith!