Blac Chyna opens up about reality TV, forgiving her mom, business ventures and more

  /  07.09.2019

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— By C.J. Carter

Business maven, mother, reality star, and budding trap queen Blac Chyna’s got something to prove, and she’s silencing the haters, one check at a time.

Blac Chyna is unapologetically living life to the fullest and living it on her own terms. This time, she’s doing things her way and is setting the standard for a new empire; while redefining motherhood, entrepreneurship, and the art of forgiveness. With a successful cosmetics line, reality show, new music on the way, and a rekindled relationship with her mom, Tokyo Toni; things are looking up for Blac Chyna as she continues to take Hollywood by storm — snatching wigs and snatching coins in the process. REVOLT TV sat down with the star to catch up on her new music, business ventures, how she juggles motherhood and success, and how she was able to patch things up with her mother. Check out the interview below!

Chyna, you’ve had so many things taking place. Life has got to be pretty interesting in your household.

Life is always interesting! It’s ever-changing! As far as life in my household, it’s pretty normal. I’m a mom, a sister, a daughter, and best friend. I just happen to be considered a “celebrity” and for whatever reason, people forget that we, too, are human.

It seems that you’re in a different space these days and that you’re in a new chapter, one that you’re in complete and total control of.

Yes! For a long time, I didn’t really speak on things. I kind of just let people say and assume what they wanted, you know? I really just didn’t care to set the record straight because who wants to go insane trying to convince people who they really are? But, I have a new team and with that, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing things differently. I deserve to tell my own story, and control my brand and my name. That’s what I’m focused on.

I recently saw you patch things up with your mother. Is it safe to say that you are both in a much better place than you were previously?

It’s safe to say that we are working on it. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to do my show. I feel like my mom and my relationship isn’t abnormal. People are really going through situations similar. It’s not the most pleasant spot to be in, but it’s our reality. If showing the world our truths can inspire and heal while we’re healing, then we are making progress. You definitely have to watch ‘The Real Blac Chyna.’ It’ll give you more insight.

I’m sure that living your life on the world’s stage added to the stresses of trying to repair your relationship.

Sometimes! It’s like, my mom isn’t a celebrity. So, a lot of times when a blog writes the stuff they do about her, it’s not fair. I think she thinks I can help stop it. I wish I could at times, but that’s the blogs. This is another reason why I’m standing up and speaking more.

Being a single mother yourself, has the relationship with your mom changed the way you look at motherhood?

Yes and no! I don’t use our relationship as a blueprint of what to or what not to do, of course, [I] look at it in reference at times. But, I look at motherhood as a blessing and responsibility I have for myself. I owe it to King and Dreamy to be the best mom I can be to those little angels.

How do you handle being a working mom and businesswoman?

One day [at] a time! My mission is to always make sure they have whatever it is that they want out of life. That’s always the priority. Everything I do in business is indirectly for them. It’s easy when I look at it like that.

Do you have advice for single mothers on how to make it work?

Find a system that works for you and your children, and live by it! As long as y’all are happy and healthy and progressing, then nothing else matters.

Has being a mom changed how you look at life?

Of course! Being a mother is the greatest gift of life. To know I’ve birthed two amazing human beings and we share a love between each other that can’t be duplicated, it’s a great feeling. Life has meaning when you’re a mother.

You’ve been very successful with a number of business ventures. Is there anything on your list of things to accomplish that you haven’t had the chance to do just yet?

I’m actually working on a couple of exciting things. You have to watch the show and keep following me to find out what those are. I’m a doer. I don’t like to talk as much as I like to just get it done.

It’s no secret that your Lashed Cosmetics line has done very well for years. What makes it so unique and why do women love it so much?

Thank you. Women love to be beautiful and we love to pamper and take care of ourselves. I’m an advocate for women looking and feeling their best. I believe women get that from our products. Our lashes and cosmetics are quality and affordable, yet they are still glamourous. I also have a Lashed Bar in Encino [Los Angeles]! I think having an actual store front location has contributed to the success of the online store.

How did the concept for Lashed Cosmetics come about?

It just made sense. I like to do things that are on brand and that make sense. When you think of Blac Chyna, you see beauty. You see the hair, the lashes and the glamour.

You’ve got a large following in the LGBT community. Would it be safe to assume that your cosmetics line gets a lot of support from it?

I’d like to think so. I hope so! Lashed is an inclusive brand. It would be great for everyone to support.

Who is the Lashed Cosmetics woman?

The Lashed Cosmetics woman is every woman. She’s strong, confident, sexy, fearless and successful. She’s like a Phoenix. She rises and stands tall.

So, let’s talk music for a second. How long have you been working on music?

Who told you that? (Laughs) Thank you, I’ve been playing around with the music. I want to learn more and perfect the craft before I just put things out. Soon come.

We can’t ignore the fact that you’ve been killing it with Fashion Nova. What’s been the secret to making the partnership so successful?

Thank you. There really isn’t a secret. It’s honestly just maintaining a healthy business relationship! I love Fashion Nova and the fact that they make clothes that every girl can afford.

There’s a rumor that you have wigs that most people wouldn’t believe. Do you have any plans to launch a wig line?

That’s definitely something I’ve been considering. It would just have to be perfect! I’m very hands on with all my business dealings because anything I do is a direct reflection of me.

How many wigs do you own?

Wow. If I had to guess, at least 150. I love my wigs. My wigs give me life.

There’s a major celebrity hair stylist who’s interested in partnering with you on a wig line. Is that something you would ever consider?

As long as it makes sense. I’m open to it. It just has to make sense.

Between balancing life in the limelight and on television, what’s been the biggest takeaway or lesson?

The biggest takeaway lesson is to not get too caught up in the noise and distractions. Live each day at your fullest potential. You owe it to the world to share the best version of yourself.

What else can we expect from you in 2019 and 2020?

Of course ‘The Real Blac Chyna’ is my return to television. I’m also the executive producer for the show. That’s been exciting! But more TV, more business dealings, revamp of Lashed and just spreading positive vibes honesty. I’m really happy with the space I’m in.

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