The 2019 Wireless Festival has taken over London this weekend with everyone from Cardi B, Migos, Young Thug, Juice WRLD and more performing. A$AP Rocky was scheduled to close out the festival Sunday night, but due to the investigation around his reported assault case in Sweden, he will more than likely miss tonight’s performance.

As we previously reported, Rocky and three others were arrested last week in connection to an altercation that transpired in Stockholm. According to his lawyer, Rocky will remain in police custody for the next two to four weeks. Since his arrest, #FreeFlacko and #FreeRocky have taken over social media, but Travis Scott took it one step further during his set at the Wireless Festival.

Before performing the uptempo half of “STARGAZING” from his 2018 album Astroworld, Scott shouted “Free Rocky, man. You know what time it is. Yes, sir,” and was met with cheers from the crowd.

Yesterday we reported that Rocky is currently in solitary confinement, according to A$AP Feg. Rocky’s lawyer Henrik Olsson Lilja has appealed the Sweden District Court’s decision of keeping Rocky in custody while the investigation continues, but the Court of Appeal denied the request. Lilja has plans to appeal the decision next week to the Supreme Court.

Allegedly, officers in Sweden have refused to leet the representative from the United States Embassy to meet with Rocky and the three others in custody. TMZ claims that the issue was reported to the Swedish Embassy in Washington D.C. to evade furth breach of Rocky and his team’s human rights.

While initial reports claimed that the investigation would be completed in two weeks, Lilja told PEOPLE that it will take a little longer because the Sweden court system is “old fashion.”

“The reason that he’s being kept in the detention center is that the court ruled that there is a risk that he won’t come back to Sweden if we have a trial. But that is usually applicable to foreigners who are known to be living on the other side of the law, but this is a celebrity so, of course, he will come back. So I don’t understand this decision.”