Chris Brown continues to face backlash over his song lyric on the track “Need a Stack.” On the track, which features Lil Wayne and Joyner Lucas, Brown says “only wanna f–k the black b—hes with the nice hair.”

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Tokyo Vanity is amongst many to speak out on the controversial line. While commenting underneath a post regarding Brown’s lyric, Vanity explained that Breezy doesn’t find dark-skinned women attractive. Brown then jokingly responds by offering to take Vanity to dinner.

“Stop playing with me,” she said. “B—-, that s— not funny. Second of all, b—-, I’m not even ya type. B—- you into things of light complexions, you know coke, heroin, molly, acid, embalming fluid, cigarettes … I’m just saying, Puerto Rican women, White women, Asian women. That’s all fine because that’s your preference and we all entitled to a preference. B—-, all I’m doing is calling it like I see it.”

Elsewhere during her rant, Vanity also accused Brown of turning down dark-skinned women from his VIP sections when he goes out to party. Following her comment, Brown allegedly blocked the reality star from his Instagram account.

“AT THE CLUB IN LA YOUR RULES WAS NO DARKSKINNED GIRLS AND YOUR SECURITY MADE SURE THE LET THE B—HES KNOW AND ENFORCES THAT,” she wrote. “My homegirl was there that night with her other friends, y’all let her friends in and stopped her and your security said no ‘darkies.’ Like a man stand on what you say and how you feel don’t renege because you’re being bashed that’ain’t gangsta.”

Although the Indigo singer has not addressed Vanity’s recent claims, there are others who are trying to offer their support. Lil Duval uploaded a screenshot of an old tweet to Instagram that references the situation at hand.

“Why is it a woman can say she don’t like short dudes or light skin dudes and it’s ok,” he wrote. “But when a man says he don’t like dark skin women or fat b—-hes he’s a f—ked up person.”