Cardi B calls out reporter for filming her father

  /  06.28.2019

Much like she rapped in her latest single, Cardi B doesn’t need more press.

However, as exemplified by her latest run-in with the media, that same sentiment also applies to members of her family.

On Thursday (June 27), the Bronx rapper and her father were in New York City when they were approached by a reporter and a swarm of cameras on the street. Cardi B was caught off guard by the ambush and began fending off the reporter from Univision’s “El Gordo y la Flaca” by initially explaining that she wasn’t “camera-ready.”

However, the reporter, Gelena Solano, didn’t back off, leading Cardi B to continue adamantly explaining that she wasn’t interested in granting an interview. She also wanted to make sure the camera crew wasn’t filming her father, noting that he doesn’t have a security team like she does.

“Don’t put my father on TV because my dad don’t walk around with security and you don’t know people that’s gonna harm my dad,” Cardi said, walking toward the camera and the TV host after they tried to talk to the Grammy award-winner’s father. “Don’t come to me with cameras without me knowing! That’s disrespectful! I’m with my child!”

Cardi B later addressed the incident during a session on Instagram Live, noting how she wants to support Hispanic media but that when she’s in “mommy mode,” it is simply not the time nor is approaching her on the street the proper manner to go about getting her attention.

“I just reacted a certain type of way and I was really upset, but you want to know something? Since I put the girl on blast, I’m gonna give her an apology on blast,” Bardi said, addressing her fans. “Because it’s just like, I get it. I get that there’s a lot of Hispanic channels—well there’s actually like two Hispanic channels and I never did an interview with the Hispanic community. I never went to a Spanish channel, a Spanish show and gave a interview. And you know, I have a lot of fans and they always supported me and everything so it’s like, I know that they want to interview me so bad and I know that they get overly excited when they see me. I get it. Sometimes when I be on my mommy mode, I just become a f–king lion!”

Take a look at the clip of Cardi B’s verbal altercation with a reporter, as well as see a snippet of her apology, below.


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