Cardi B clarifies fans' confusion regarding her heritage

  /  06.27.2019

Cardi B never hesitates to set the record straight. On Tuesday (June 26), Cardi clarified fans’ confusion regarding her ethnic identity during an Instagram live session.

“I’m not Mexican at all,” Cardi explained in reference to those who believe she’s Mexican. “I’m West Indian and I’m Dominican. I speak Spanish because I’m Dominican. And it’s like, so what’s the difference between Dominican and Mexican?’ And it’s like, everything!”

Elsewhere during the live session, Bardi explained that because she is light-skinned it doesn’t mean she’s not Black. “People just don’t be understanding s–t,” the Album of the Year winner says. “It’s like, ‘Cardi’s Latin, she’s not Black.’ And it’s like, bro, my features don’t come from…white people f–king, okay?’ And they always wanna race-bait when it comes to me…I have Afro features. ‘Oh, but your parents are light-skinned…all right, but my grandparents aren’t.”

Regardless of fans’ confusion, the Bronx native continues to work on her music. Yesterday (June 26), the Invasion of Privacy rapper released her music video to “Press.” In the NFSW visual, Cardi gets pinned down for murder and ends up hitting some dance moves while drenched in blood. “Press” is also the first video in which Cardi is noted as a co-director.

While on Twitter, Cardi revealed that she was inspired by serial killer stories when creating her latest visual. “Ok so for the Press video the threesome part had a story line to it but I ain’t like how it look on camera,” she wrote. “I watched women serial killer stories to brainstorm some ideas …..can you guess the storyline ???”

The concept of Cardi’s “Press” seems like a clap back to what’s happening in the media right now. Last week, Cardi was indicted on 12 charges, which includes two counts of felony attempted assault with intent to cause serious physical injury, misdemeanor reckless endangerment, assault, criminal solicitation, conspiracy and harassment. Nonetheless, she has pleaded not guilty and will receive information regarding her next court hearing in September.

Check out Cardi B clarify her heritage and more during her Instagram live session below.



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