Breakdancing is another step closer to being declared an Olympic sport.

From the street to the world stage, the Bronx-born dance movement found itself officially being included in a proposal for inclusion in the 2024 Olympics, a petition that the International Olympic Committee voted in favor of on Tuesday (June 26).

As reported, breakdancing, competitive climbing/bouldering, skateboarding and surfing are all proposed to be included in the Paris 2024. The latter three are set to make their debuts at the 2020 Tokyo Games.

While it was voted in favor to bring breakdancing to Paris, it has not yet been finalized as a sport. According to USA Today, breakdancing will require vetting before officially being added to the Paris roster. The final vote on the matter will take place in 2020. In the meantime, the delayed date gives Paris the opportunity to find a venue fitting to host the competitive event.

“It’s important for us in our concept to put sports out of the stadiums and in the heart of the city,” Tony Estanguet, the Paris Olympics 2024 president, said in a statement. “Our aim from the outset has been to highlight what has been the strength of the Games for 32 Olympiads now — the diversity of the sports and the excitement that comes with performance — while also taking the opportunity afforded by the IOC to enhance the program and offer a new dimension.”

Also referred to as breaking, borrowing from the origin of the athletic art form in the early 1970s, the sport made its debut at the 2018 Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

According to reports, breaking may also find its way to being included in the 2028 Olympics, which are slated to be held in Los Angeles. According to IOC sports director Kit McConnell, the decision will be made in 2021 regarding whether or not the city will host a breakdancing competition.