In between cultivating her Fenty empire and readying her next solo album, Rihanna is also tapped into what’s happening around the globe.

More specifically, the superstar singer has been horrified by the current situation in Sudan, taking to Instagram to help educate her 71.9 million followers about the ongoing crisis and what is currently happening abroad.

“They’re shooting people’s houses, raping women, burning bodies, throwing them in the Nile like vermin, tormenting people, urinating on them, making them drink sewage water, terrorizing the streets, and stopping Muslims from going to eid prayer,” the singer posted on her Instagram story, urging fans to help spread awareness.

“There is an Internet blackout! Please share. Raise awareness,” the post concluded.

The reports of vile and violent acts Rihanna is referencing stems from Sudan’s former president, Omar al-Bashir, being removed from his position of power after nearly 30 years in April. In response to his being overthrown this spring, protestors amplified their call for a democratic government. Those in favor of replacing al-Bashir’s regime, which was defined by brute military force and open genocide, with a democratic government believe that if a new military-run government is put into place instead, history would repeat itself and it would lead to yet another uprising.

However, protestors’ peaceful call for reform was met with violence and chaos, including reports of more than 70 cases of rape and over 700 injuries. According to CBS News, more than 100 people have been killed by government-backed paramilitary forces in just one week. Of that number, the government has only recognized 61 deaths, as well as have ignored the outbreak of rape allegations.

As reported by Reuters, the Transitional Military Council and opposition groups have agreed to resume talks regarding who should head a transitional government ahead of eventual elections. The two sides were previously deadlocked due to struggling to agree on what the make-up of a sovereign council would be during the transition.

The U.S. State Department issued a statement last week condemning the outburst of violence, as well as called for a “civilian-led transition that leads to timely elections and free expression of the will of the Sudanese people.”

“The United States remains firmly committed to working with the people of Sudan, along with our international partners, in pursuit of a peaceful solution in Sudan,” the statement concluded.

Take a look at Rihanna helping educate her followers on the ongoing crisis in Sudan below.