The Arizona trio known as Injury Reserve have dropped their first official album on Friday and those familiar with the group will not be disappointed. Those unfamiliar ought to get acquainted with Injury Reserve as soon as possible. The group behind “Jailbreak The Tesla” shows that they can pack an album full of fraught, energetic, and at times explosive tracks and entice some of hip hop’s most celebrated screaming newcomers like Rico Nasty and JPEGMAFIA, as well as more established acts like Amine, Freddie Gibbs, DRAM and more. An appearance by the wildly underrated NY rap staple Cakes Da Killa is always welcomed too. The album itself is mostly high energy and perfectly grating, mixing elements of street rap, sweaty basement punk, industrial electronic and more while still serving as a cohesive debut that highlights the group’s bare bones yet full-blast production and their playful lyrics with delivery that swivels between daunting and cooly disinterested. Check the album out now: