The Drake curse is real. At least that’s what one radio station in Milwaukee believes.

On Tuesday (May 14), 103.7 KISS-FM announced the station will be “taking a break” from playing Drake’s music until the Milwaukee Bucks basketball series is over against the Toronto Raptors — Drake’s home team. “The Raptors won’t be hearing their hometown boy on 103.7 KISS-FM,” the station declared.

So far, the ban appears to be working. On Wednesday (May 15), the Bucks took on the Raptors in Game 1 of the 2019 NBA Eastern Conference Finals and won 108-100.

In a tongue-in-cheek video posted on Facebook, the hosts explained the decision to temporarily ban the Scorpion rapper. “He’s representing the Raptor. We got to take it home with the Bucks,” one host states.

As the legend goes, any sports team (or player) Drake supports, from boxing to basketball, will inevitably lose in their respective matches. This was especially true in August 2017 after the Toronto native endorsed MMA fighter Conor McGregor in his first boxing match against Floyd Mayweather Jr. In the end, Mayweather defeated McGregor in a technical knock out during the 10th round.

Drake finally acknowledged “The Drake Curse” last month after the Raptors defeated the Orlando Magic and advanced to the semifinals. “Want me to talk about the curse or you guys good?” he joked. This month, the 32-year-old also embraced his gift — or curse, depending on who you ask.

During Game 7 on Sunday (May 13), Drizzy wore a pair of 76ers shorts instead of rooting for his home team. The Raptors went on to defeat the 76ers after Kawhi Leonard’s nail-biting buzzer beater. Check out footage of Drake channeling his supernatural abilities ahead, then watch 103.7 KISS-FM’s announcement of his ban.

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Until the Bucks series is over against the Toronto Raptors, we’re hereby taking a BREAK from DRAKE. The Raptors won’t be hearing their hometown boy on 103.7 KISS-FM. #BreakFromDrake #FearTheDeer

Posted by 103.7 KISS-FM Milwaukee on Tuesday, May 14, 2019