Fresh off of the release of his memoir “Let Love Have the Last Word,” Common has announced that he will release an album with the same name.

According to HipHopDX, Common gave fans a preview of the album during an event at SoHo House in NYC. The album will follow up his 2016 project, Black America Again.

“It’s inspired by the book that I just released,” Common told the guests about his album. “I started this album because my team was like, ‘With the release of the book, maybe you should do some music’ and it kinda really sparked me in a way. This book was something really personal and I was going to places that I never went to in my life. So I was thinking as an artist to be able to do the same thing.” While the album carries the same name as his book, Common revealed that the memoir didn’t solely inspire the album.

“The music is not a song based on every chapter on the book,” Common continued. “It just allowed me to go to different places and gave me a theme on what I wanted to write about and a guide. Once I get a title, I feel great about creating the music. It sets the tone for whatever the movie I want to create is going to be.

“I was able to set and focus for a while and not try to do any movies and do too many extra things besides just focus on music, which has been new for me in a minute. But I felt it was that important to me, so I just wanted to put my heart and soul in it.”

When Common visited The Breakfast Club on Thursday (May 9), the Chicago MC described a song from the album called “Memories of Home.” According to Common, the song details the molestation the rapper experienced as a child. Common said the song moved his daughter to tears.

Common hasn’t announced a release date for the project.