Nipsey Hussle‘s tragic death left many devastated and confused. Now, his team is clearing up rumors about the late rapper’s association with his accused murderer, 29-year-old Eric Holder.

On Tuesday (May 7), Hussle’s team issued a statement regarding a video which appeared to show the late emcee hugging a man who resembled Holder months before the shooting on March 31. A source told XXL, “Nipsey is [seen] embracing Flacco, who is NOT Eric Holder.”

The validity of the viral video was fueled by claims from Compton rapper B.G. Knocc Out who told VladTV that Hussle did, in fact, have a relationship with Holder before his passing. According to Knocc Out, Hussle signed Holder as an act to his record label, All Money In, under his stage name Shitty Cuz.

Things apparently went south after Holder was accused of snitching on one of Hussle’s associates when he caught a gun charge. “He was actually on Nipsey’s label before,” Knocc Out said. “And then I think he caught a gun case with one of the homies or something. Something happened where they went to jail and he’s supposed to had said something. So, they pretty much kicked him out, you know what I mean? For snitching,”

Knocc Out went on to note, “They didn’t kill him or beat him down or nothing like that, but they just told him to stay away, like, ‘You can’t hang out.’ He probably took that some type of way ’cause he got the hood all over his body.”

In response to the interview, Hussle’s team refuted Knocc Out’s claim that the beloved artist signed Holder to his label. A source told XXL the 29-year-old was never on the roster. Holder has been charged with Hussle’s murder and entered a not guilty plea last month. He is currently being held on $5 million bail.

Keep reading to see Knocc Out’s interview with VladTV and the viral video that warranted a response from Hussle’s team ahead.