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Hip hop’s relationship with marijuana is well-documented. Beginning with the waft of reefer permeating the air at the earliest park jams during the ’70s, and continuing with the stoner culture of today, marijuana has always gone hand-in-hand with the music and the lifestyle surrounding it.

Hip hop’s affinity for marijuana has never been a secret; as evidenced by the slew of lyrics, albums, and songs dedicated to the drug by many of the greatest rappers of all-time. While the use of marijuana and its prevalence in hip hop was once frowned upon, the culture’s love affair with it helped remove the stigma around it and bring together rap fans of all backgrounds.

This is due in large part to a select group of artists who have never been shy about showing off their love for the substance. Whether it be through their music, lifestyle, business endeavors or otherwise, these potheads have proven themselves to be in a class of their own.

In celebration of 4/20, REVOLT reveals seven rap acts who deserve to be inducted into the first ballot of hip hop’s “Stoner Hall of Fame.”

1. Snoop Dogg

Over the course of his career, Snoop Dogg has served as rap’s chief ambassador of marijuana. The first rapper to turn his penchant for smoking bud into a brand in itself, Snoop has become the avatar for all things weed-related in pop culture. From coining the term “The Chronic” to unabashedly promoting his marijuana use in his music and beyond, the Long Beach native has become synonymous with the drug and continues to promote the lifestyle a quarter-century after his solo debut.

2. B-Real

Any conversation revolving around marijuana and hip hop is null and void without the mention of Cypress Hill member B-Real, who has built a rep for being amongst some of the most notorious weed smokers in the culture. In addition to championing marijuana and supporting efforts that push to have the drug legalized, B-Real has parlayed his affinity for ganja into creative content as the host of the “Dr. Greenthumb Show” and “The Smoke Box.”

3. Redman & Method Man

When Def Jam Records paired Redman and Method Man in a promotional campaign in 1994, the label had no clue that they had just birthed what would become not only one of the most dynamic duos in rap, but marijuana culture. Parlaying their 1995 collaboration “How High” into a film based on their propensity to live life lifted, Red and Meth became hip hop’s answer to Cheech and Chong, matching their weed-induced exploits with an ample amount of humor.

4. Jadakiss

While his persona isn’t directly connected to his love for marijuana, The LOX member Jadakiss’ use of the drug is well-known. From incessant mentions of any and all strains in his raps to his relationship with legendary supplier to the stars Branson, Jadakiss’ pedigree when it comes to marijuana rivals even the most esteemed weed buffs.

5. Cam’ron

Harlem rapper Cam’ron signing to Roc-A-Fella Records coincided with the marijuana boom of the early aughts, when exotic strains began to flood the east coast — particularly New York City. During the Diplomat’s tenure with the house that Hov, Dame and Biggs built; Cam introduced new slang into the stoner lexicon and helped popularize new strains. He even went as far as titling his fourth studio album, Purple Haze. Today, Killa’s ties to marijuana are stronger than ever, as the rapper is in the process of developing a strain of his own through a partnership with California-based weed brand Chroncierge.

6. Devin the Dude

Hailing from Houston, Texas, Devin the Dude has represented for marijuana enthusiasts out of the south since debuting in 1998 with The Dude. Other rappers may get more recognition for their association with the sticky, but Devin the Dude has been as dedicated to the cause as anyone, evidenced by herbal friendly album titles like Waitin’ to Inhale, Suite 420, and Smoke Sessions Vol. 1.

7. Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y

Over the past decade, Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y have taken on the mantle of becoming the culture’s resident stoners, both individually and as a unit. Connecting in 2009 with their mixtape How Fly, Mr. Khalifa Man and Spitta have since picked up the baton from famous potheads of yesteryear and provided the soundtrack to smoking sessions for a whole new generation of users. And when you throw in Wiz Khalifa having his own brand of rolling papers, as well as Curren$y’s collaborations with RAW Papers, this first ballot induction is more than deserved.

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